Trilio for Telecommunication Providers

Empowering the delivery of robust cutting-edge services

With ever-evolving advances in technology, and new regulations for data privacy, and the drive to grow the business, the telecommunications industry is required to stay agile, while they continue on building resiliency into every aspect of their business – empowering the delivery of robust cutting-edge services such as Edge Computing, 5G networks, and OpenRAN. 

Trilio for Telecommunication Providers

Trilio is an enterprise-grade, automated data protection, and intelligent recovery platform designed to meet the regulatory requirements and agility demands in the telecommunications industry. By leveraging OpenStack and Kubernetes technology and its inherent scalability, security, and automation capabilities, Trilio helps telcos overcome the IT challenges they face when building, modernizing, and deploying applications at scale. 

Whether it’s 100,000’s of nodes or petabytes of data, our reliable native solution is designed to be highly flexible and can be easily integrated with a wide range of infrastructure & systems.
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Replicate, Recover & Mobilize Your OpenShift Apps in Any Environment

A Trilio architecture for telco that contains various logos from companies like Openstack, Kubernetes, Azure, AWS, Googlecloud, IBM cloud, On-Premises, RedHat, Terraform, Chef. The screenshot also includes virtualized network functions, common tools, operations, containerized network function, and RAN.
  • Lower Your Annual Risk Budget: By demonstrating your companies documented and monitored backup and restore processes, your organization will be able to reduce its risk exposure and pacify regulators – providing them with the confidence that they will not find any major problems.
  • Stay Agile: As environments or corporate structures evolve, Trilio can handle fundamental changes of requirements to your organization with Trilio’s cloud-native agile and highly interoperable design.
  • Address RTO Challenges: Through automation, orchestration and policy-based recovery. Plus, eliminate potential bottlenecks through the empowerment of RBAC-based self-service recovery.
  • Mitigate Risk: Proactively mitigate risks addressed by regulatory requirements.
  • Shield Yourself from penalties: Don’t get penalized because of potential GDPR or violations from other data privacy regulations.

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