Trilio for Kubernetes with Huawei OceanStor Storage 

Backup for Mirantis Kubernetes Engine

Enterprise-Grade Hybrid Cloud Data Protection   

Mirantis Kubernetes Engine backup and Recovery

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Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE), is the enterprise-ready platform for deploying containers at scale. MKE gives you the power to build, run & scale cloud-native applications—the way that works for you.

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Increase developer efficiency and release frequency while reducing cost. Deploy Kubernetes and Swarm clusters out of the box and manage them via API, CLI, or web interface.

Main Features

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Application Mobility and Disaster Recovery with Trilio and Mirantis

Solution Brief

Protect your Critical Infrastructure and Business Applications using Cloud Native Data Mobility

Trilio DataSheet Mirantis MKE

Trilio DataSheet Mirantis MKE

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Trilio for Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (formerly Docker Enterprise/ UCP) is a joint solution that provides Intelligent Recovery for Mirantis Kubernetes Engine leveraging the Container Storage Interface (CSI) and Ceph Storage to provide a single point of support and service for customers. This solution is validated and certified to run seamlessly with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine and helps organizations become more resilient.

Architecture Diagram

Architecture for data protection solution. It has observability and telemetry, Mirantos Kubernetes Engine, User Interfaces, Off-cluster target storage.
  • 360 degree application and data protection on Mirantis MKE and MOSK.
  • Certified Partner and Product and images that are fully containerized, and continuously scanned for vulnerabilities
  • Autodiscovery and backup of helm and operator-based applications and services
  • Easy installation process via the helm install.
  • Leverage the container storage interface driver (CSI) provided by various Storage providers for easy backups of persistent volumes on your MKE cluster (e.g. Ceph Storage) and stay hardware agnostic.
  • Trilio’s MultiCluster UI simplifies and standardizes the administrative and operational tasks of managing data protection policies across multiple MKE clusters.
  • Leverage your existing “Kubectl command line” skillset to manage Trilio operations without incurring extra training costs.
  • Observe and manage fleets by leveraging Mirantis LENS 

Use Cases

Backup & Recovery

Point-in-time backup and recovery to restore application data and metadata. Schedule automated incremental backups with pre-defined policies or on-demand. Selectively restore containers and applications to the same or new cluster or namespace.


Migrate to a new Kubernetes cluster regardless of cloud infrastructure. Enable migration of your application and data between clouds (public and private), to optimize for performance and achieve better TCO.

Disaster Recovery

Recover any Kubernetes application quickly in the event of a disaster. Build Disaster Recovery (DR) plans to easily select backups from different repositories, specify namespace mappings, and reconfigure the captured data and metadata across multiple applications at one time.

Application Mobility

Accelerate CI/CD pipelines by building multiple test/dev environments, validate code leveraging production data, and push changes into production.

Ransomware Protection & Recoverability

Comprehensive protection and recoverability aligned to support zero trust architectures and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework. Key capabilities include application centric leveraging encryption and immutability.

Continuous Restore

Continuous Restore enables your organization to create a ‘cross-cloud’ infrastructure fabric, where your data is continuously replicated on multiple, heterogeneous clouds all at the same time. So if you’re using one cloud for disaster recovery, another for blue/green deployments, and another for production, they all have access to the same data—a single source of truth—regardless of the type of infrastructure each cloud uses. RTO is a matter of seconds.

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