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About Trilio

Trilio is a leading provider of cloud-native Data Protection software solutions, engineered from the ground up for Kubernetes, KubeVirt and OpenStack environments. Our platforms deliver a modern backup and recovery experience enabling Cloud Architects, Platform Engineers, ITOps and DevOps to support disaster recovery, backup & recovery, ransomware protection, and application mobility initiatives.

Trilio is a Premier Red Hat partner.

What We Do

At Trilio, we believe that data protection should be effortless, automated, and predictable. Our platform, Trilio delivers a modern data protection experience that gives customers more power and control over their cloud and container environments.

Organizations of all sizes, from well-known brands to ambitious start-ups, rely on our cloud-native data protection software to manage and backup their applications so they can meet their Service Level Agreements (SLAs), and compliance requirements and recover from planned or unplanned outages. 

We’re a leading provider of cloud-native data protection software engineered from the ground up to support the scale, performance, and mobility requirements of Kubernetes, OpenStack, and Red Hat Virtualization environments. Trilio’s design dramatically reduces the amount of time spent on restoration and migration activities and gives IT and DevOps teams complete control over their cloud-native applications.

Customer Focused
At Trilio, we believe that data protection should be effortless, automated, and predictable.

We believe that data protection should be effortless, automated, and predictable


We are proud of the supportive work environment we have built.

Who We Are

We are a growing team of experts who are deeply passionate about the work we do and the difference we make for our customers.

We have adapted the best practices we learned from our roots in the world of enterprise software, data protection, security, and cloud infrastructure. Born globally, Trilio has been supporting customers throughout the world since the beginning.

We believe these practices encourage participation from a wider range of voices, surface better ideas, and lead to more effective, and inclusive decision-making. 

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What We Have Here for You

Our mission

We are on a mission to build the most trusted cloud-native data protection platform in the enterprise IT industry. We help organizations build resilient cloud and container infrastructure in a rapidly changing IT landscape. Our entire organization is customer-focused to help meet the day-to-day and strategic challenges our customers experience with their multi-cloud infrastructure. We take our work seriously, and we do it with integrity.

We are hybrid and remote oriented

Our team and services organization has been distributed globally from inception. This hybrid workforce structure is in our DNA and allows us to maintain a flexible work environment and access to a global pool of diverse talent.

We are leaders

Founded and led by industry veterans with experience at some of the world’s fastest-growing enterprise software companies, we are pushing the boundaries of the status quo by delivering scalable data protection and management specifically designed for cloud-native environments.

We create opportunities

We provide career growth potential for our people to expand their roles and solve new problems as we address the most important challenges in enterprise infrastructure.

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Logo of Trilio

How Trilio Started

In 2013, the global adoption of cloud infrastructure had taken center stage. Our Founder and CTO, Murali Balcha, and his colleagues observed the lack of agile, cloud-native backup and recovery tools. Realizing the potential for a new, agile data protection solution, the trio set out to build a software-only, scale-out, API-driven, multi-tenant backup solution for cloud-native infrastructures and workloads. 

Trilio was born. Initially recognized for Trilio’s proposed project Raksha, Trilio’s commercial solution, Trilio, quickly became a leading provider of data protection for OpenStack and KVM-based environments, including Red Hat Virtualization (RHV). Early on, Trilio was asked to protect some of the world’s most sensitive environments. As customers continued with their own cloud and transformational journeys, they asked Trilio to bring the benefits of the Trilios architecture to the world of Kubernetes. Our evolution continues.

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