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Backup & Recovery for OpenStack, Kubernetes and KubeVirt

Recover OpenStack tenant and Kubernetes application outages fast and efficiently
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The trusted backup and recovery solutions dedicated to OpenStack and Kubernetes

Running virtual machines, containers and stateful apps in cloud environments? You need backup and recovery specifically designed for the cloud. 

  • Ground-up designed backup and recovery for OpenStack, Kubernetes and KubeVirt
  • Efficient QCOW2 Data Format providing Full and Incremental Backup and Recovery
  • Trusted LUKS 256-Bit Encryption
  • Application-Centric Immutable Backups
  • Use any NFS, S3 or Container Blob Backup Storage
  • Restore Directly From Target to Any OpenStack or Kubernetes Cluster

Powerful Application-Centric Backup & Recovery

Trilio’s cloud-native data protection software is a comprehensive, application-centric backup and recovery solution. With Trilio, your recovery from planned and unplanned outages is fast, simple, and efficient, by allowing you to:

Capture Point-in-Time Data & Metadata

For Kubernetes containers and VMs and OpenStack tenant instances, so you have both the data and its context.

Recover to Any OpenStack or Kubernetes Clouds

Trilio is storage, cloud, and distribution agnostic, so you can restore your applications and virtual machines to the same or new clouds, without requiring additional software or special storage subscriptions.

Schedule or Run On-Demand Backups

Run backups any time or automate your data protection by scheduling them with predefined policies.

Back Up Every Component of Your Application

Trilio discovers Metadata like AZs, Network Subnets, Flavors, Key-Pairs in OpenStack and Namespaces, Helm charts, Labels, Operators in Kubernetes, providing the correct way to recover.

Orchestrate and Automate

Trilio becomes part of your cloud allowing you to seamlessly integrate actions like backup, data copy and application recovery into Ansible, ArgoCD and other CI/CD pipelines

Business Benefits of Cloud-Native Backup & Recovery

Reduce Your Downtime and Data Loss

Get to the last known good state faster to minimize downtime, avoid data loss, and meet your SLAs with ease.

Disaster Recovery

Recover any Kubernetes application quickly in the event of a disaster. Build Disaster Recovery (DR) plans to easily select backups from different repositories, specify namespace mappings, and reconfigure the captured data and metadata across multiple applications at one time.

Boost Your Application Resiliency

Full protection helps you maintain your productivity and revenue, hit compliance requirements, and keep clients happy.

Application Mobility

Accelerate CI/CD pipelines by building multiple test/dev environments, validate code leveraging production data, and push changes into production.

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