Red Hat + Trilio Better Together

The world’s leading provider of enterprise open-source software solutions

Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of enterprise open-source software solutions, using a community-powered approach to deliver reliable and high-performing Linux, hybrid cloud, container, and Kubernetes solutions.  

Red Hat delivers hardened, open-source solutions that make it easier for enterprises to work across platforms and environments, 
from the core data center to the network edge. By operating transparently and responsibly, we continue to be a catalyst in
open-source communities, helping you build flexible, powerful IT infrastructure solutions. 

Trilio provides software integrated into Red Hat products

Trilio provides software integrated into Red Hat platforms that make data protection automated, predictable, and effortless. Our software gives customers more power and control over their cloud and container environments, enabling our customers to use our cloud-native technology to manage, backup, recover and replicate their applications so they can meet their Service Level Agreements (SLAs), compliance requirements, and recover from planned or unplanned outages. Trilio for Red Hat dramatically reduces the amount of time spent on restoration and migration activities and gives IT and DevOps teams complete control over their cloud-native applications.

Trilio is the most integrated 3rd party backup and recovery service for Red Hat OpenShift, OpenStack and Virtualization

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Benefits of Using Trilio in Red Hat Cloud Environments

  • Designed for Red Hat: Integration into OpenShift Console, Red Hat OpenStack Horizon and Red Hat Virtualization Manager
  • Integrated into Red Hat Ecosystem of Ansible Automation Platform and Advanced Cluster Management
  • Native enterprise-grade data protection, supporting Multi-cloud, multiple applications.
  • Protect Red Hat Cloud Customer’s assets of Pods, Containers, Persistent Volumes, Virtual Machines and Instances
  • Apply SLAs and evidenced-based reporting to mission-critical applications in compliance with regulatory standards and policies.
  • Single solution covering all aspects of cloud-native data protection.
  • Confidently upgrade your infrastructure without the fear of losing applications and data.

Red Hat and Trilio Partnership

Trilio has been a Foundation Partner for Red Hat since 2017 supporting Red Hat’s Open Hybrid Cloud strategy bringing best-in-class data protection solutions to the Red Hat customer’s cloud-based environment. Our offerings for OpenStack and OpenShift are native, scalable, multi-tenant, self-service offerings providing unique and unmatched resilient environments leaving cost and operating efficiencies to focus on other business areas. 

Together we collaborate with Red Hat on both technology and business fronts. This enables us to properly time our releases with Red Hat OpenStack and OpenShift.  Resulting in early testing and release of our products.


Red Hat Data Protection for Kubernetes: OpenShift Container Platform and OpenShift Container Storage

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OpenShift vs OpenStack

Trilio integrates with the Red Hat Cloud Platform family of products:

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Red Hat OpenStack (RHOSP)
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Red Hat OpenShift (RHOCP)
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Red Hat Virtualization (RHV)

Trilio can be orchestrated, automated and scaled by the following Red Hat products:

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Ansible Automation Platform
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Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes