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By Trilio Content Team | October 21, 2022

Using Red Hat OpenShift to deploy and manage your Kubernetes applications is a good call. It’s easy to use, automated, and all about self-service, so your team can get applications into production faster. What’s not to love?

But your OpenShift applications still need data protection to be fully resilient. Whether you deploy OpenShift on-prem, in the public or hybrid cloud, or via a managed service offering like ROSA or ARO, you need an easy way to back up your data, recover from the unexpected and move across clouds and between infrastructures.

In short, you need a cloud-native data protection platform that’s natively integrated with OpenShift. Enter Trilio for OpenShift, a fully integrated and optimized solution that supports your OpenShift applications no matter where they’re deployed.

Watch this video to learn how Trilio for OpenShift opens up opportunities for your organization. So you can take advantage of a diverse infrastructure that fits your needs and know that your OpenShift applications are portable, recoverable, and resilient.

Transcript: TrilioVault for OpenShift

As more organizations move cloud-native applications into production, they need data protection and management solutions to boost resiliency and meet compliance mandates.

But the cloud-native ecosystem is complex with a variety of infrastructure options, depending on your cost, performance, and security needs.

You need solutions that are easy to deploy, manage, and scale.

Trilio with Red Hat OpenShift was made for this moment.

Trilio for OpenShift is an integrated data protection platform, optimized for OpenShift Kubernetes applications no matter where they’re deployed—today or in the future.

Whether on-prem or in the public or hybrid cloud, users can restore and migrate entire OpenShift applications on-demand with a single click.

From one cloud to another, on-prem to the cloud, or to a managed service offering like Red Hat OpenShift on AWS, TrilioVault can do it all.

So make sure your OpenShift applications—and organization—realize their full potential.

Learn more about TrilioVault for OpenShift today.

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