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Trilio for Financial Services Industry

Reduce risk and ensure that your data is safe, available, and auditable
recovery solutions for financial data

Over a decade of experience

With over a decade of experience in protecting critical cloud-native applications, Trilio can reduce risk and ensure that your data is safe, available, and auditable adhering to your regulatory requirements while minimizing Recovery Time Objectives (RTO). 

Trilio has your RTO in mind

With Trilio’s Continuous Restore technology, you can decrease your RTO significantly by continuously restoring your cloud-native mission-critical applications and data to a disaster recovery cluster in one cloud or multiple as your regulators require. This means that if there is an outage or disaster scenario, your business will experience as little downtime as possible and not suffer significant losses.

Trilio is purpose-built with FSIs in mind

With its advanced cloud-native toolset, Trilio will keep your data safe and recoverable from any potential threats by using capabilities such as  encryption in transit and at rest and immutable backups to prevent bad actors from deleting or editing protected data. Coupled with your existing RBAC toolset apply existing policies and processes to Trilio adhering to company standards.


Continuous Restore is a Game Changer


The Cost of Downtimes


CR General Availability


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  • Mitigate Risk: Proactively mitigate risks addressed by regulatory requirements.
  • Lower Your Annual Risk Budget: By demonstrating your companies documented and monitored backup and restore processes, your organization will be able to reduce its risk exposure and pacify regulators – providing them with the confidence that they will not find any major problems.
  • Shield Yourself from penalties: Don’t get penalized because of potential GDPR or violations from other data privacy regulations.
  • Stay Agile: As environments or corporate structures evolve, Trilio can handle fundamental changes of requirements to your organization with Trilio’s cloud-native agile and highly interoperable design.
  • Address RTO Challenges: Through automation, orchestration and policy-based recovery. Plus, eliminate potential bottlenecks through the empowerment of RBAC-based self-service recovery.
  • Not only restore Data but Rebuild the entire Application as made mandatory under regulations like DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act)

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