Application Mobility

Can You Easily Move Applications Between Environments?

In today’s fast-paced, containerized world, developing applications doesn’t stop when you check in the code. Instead, it’s all about iterating, running tests, and releasing new versions quickly and accurately—and automating those steps for maximum efficiency. This process is known as continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD).  

When your CI/CD pipeline is optimized, you’re able to move faster and keep up with customer demands.

Challenges of Optimizing Your CI/CD Pipeline

Thorough testing is an essential part of the CI/CD process. But it can be challenging to test comprehensively, especially in a multi-cloud world. When testing your application, you might: 

So how do you make your test/dev process easier and more accurate?
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Application Mobility Made Easy with Trilio

Trilio for Kubernetes empowers you to create reliable, high-quality applications by giving you the flexibility to test in any environment. By backing up data and metadata, your application is completely mobile and restorable. With Trilio for Kubernetes, you can:  

Test Your Data in Different Environments

Test your new app in any environment—public and private clouds or on-prem—so you know what works and what doesn’t before you roll it out.

Roll Back to Previous Versions with Ease

Take point-in-time copies of your application as you iterate and roll back to a previous version when you run into bugs or make errors.

Use Real Production Data in Test/Dev

Bring your production data into your test/dev process to see how it works in different environments. No dummy data needed.

Fully Mobilize and Restore Your Applications

Application data, metadata and all associated objects are captured in the QCOW2 file, allowing you to fully move and restore your applications.

Benefits of Cloud-Native Application Mobility

Improve the Quality of Your Applications & Releases

Roll out high-quality, accurate releases every time to boost your reputation and limit errors that cost you time and money.

Deliver the Best Experience for Your

Catch and resolve issues before customers see them, so they trust your application and release, every time.

Accelerate Your CI/CD Pipelines

Continually build on and improve your app by validating your code in multiple test/dev environments and pushing changes when you’re ready.

Save Money

Reverting to previous versions of your application can be expensive. But easily restorable point-in-time copies reduce that risk, saving you money.

Ready to increase your application mobility?

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