White Paper: Technology-Driven VMware to OpenStack Migration A Comprehensive Guide

Mirantis + Trilio Partnership

Enterprise-Grade Hybrid Cloud Data Protection  

Enterprise-Grade Hybrid Cloud Data Protection  

Mirantis helps organizations ship code faster on public and private clouds, increasing developer productivity by removing the stress of managing infrastructure.   

Automation & Cloud Native Expertise

The company combines automation and cloud-native expertise to provide a ZeroOps approach to managing and operating Kubernetes and cloud environments. Mirantis delivers a public cloud experience on any infrastructure, from the data center to the edge, with one cohesive cloud experience for complete app and DevOps portability, a single pane of glass, and automated full-stack lifecycle management, all based on open source. 

Mirantis serves many of the world’s leading enterprises, including Adobe, DocuSign, Inmarsat, PayPal, Reliance Jio, Societe Generale, Splunk, and S&P Global.

The company combines automation and cloud-native expertise to provide a ZeroOps approach to managing and operating Kubernetes and cloud environments.

Continuous Restore is a Game Changer

Press Release

Trilio Named Data Protection Partner for Mirantis Cloud Platform

Press Release

Trilio for Mirantis OpenStack


Managing and Protecting Cloud-Native Applications in a Multi-Cloud World


How Massive Organizations Keep from Losing Their Clouds, Their Data and Their Sanity

Solution Brief

Protect your Critical Infrastructure and Business Applications using Cloud Native Data Mobility


Trilio & Mirantis Bring End-to-End Data Security to Kubernetes


Trilio and Mirantis have been long-standing partners that first started with OpenStack and now have expanded to Kubernetes. The partnership has brought together the combined power of Trilio with Mirantis Cloud Platform and Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (formerly Docker Enterprise / UCP).


Benefits of Using Trilio in Mirantis Container Cloud

  • Management console with support for observability through Prometheus/Grafana
  • Pre-validated and certified on Mirantis Kubernetes Engine
  • Provides application resiliency with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine CSI and Ceph Storage solution
  • Packaged as an Operator, its Custom Resource Definition enables users to quickly install TVK into any container environment
  • Schedule automated incremental backups with pre-defined policies or on-demand
  • Build Disaster Recovery (DR) plans to easily recover data and select backups from different repositories
  • Migrate to a new Kubernetes cluster regardless of storage or cloud infrastructure
  • Continuous Restore to Use the backup datasets to quickly prepare new environments for activation to Reduce the recovery time in case of any failure
  • Protection and recoverability leveraging backup immutability and encryption
  • Easily create new test/dev environments with Application Mobility  

Trilio integrates with the following Mirantis Cloud Platform products:

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Mirantis Container Cloud
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Mirantis Kubernetes Engine
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Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes

Trilio can be orchestrated by the following Mirantis products:

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Mirantis LENS IDE