Trilio for Kubernetes with Huawei OceanStor Storage 

Our Leaders

Photo of Massood Zarrabian CEO, wearing white and pink checked coat with mountain background

Massood Zarrabian


As a professional who has worked in a wide array of industries across various jobs, I believe in accomplishing objectives ethically and collaboratively with others to focus on getting things done to meet the ever-changing business objectives, that in retrospect, are considered very special by all involved. My career has been full of opportunities, with great people around that I have learned a lot from, all of which have led me to be the person I am today. I am shaped by the people and opportunities that surround me and believe that working together takes you further and is more meaningful than working alone. My love of theatre, film, and cinema has inspired me to think about the importance of my role and the role of others. From producer and director to leading actress /actor to other supporting roles, a great play or movie can only be made if each individual does their part and does it expertly.

Photo of Christina Lattuca, CFO and VP of Operations wearing a blazer with white background

Christina Lattuca

CFO and VP of Operations

As the Chief Financial Officer & VP of Operations at Trilio, I bring over 25 years of expertise in financial and operational leadership, particularly within the global high-tech sector. My core proficiency is helping software companies achieve financial improvement and transparency by partnering with stakeholders to link operations and finance. I am passionate about elevating accounting and operational processes through best-in-class financial controls and system automation.

Photo of Murali Balcha, Founder & CTO, wearing a grey checked coat

Murali Balcha


Murali Balcha is a visionary entrepreneur and industry veteran with over two decades of unparalleled expertise in computer storage, cloud computing, virtualization, and artificial intelligence. As the founder of Trilio, he has shaped the landscape of cloud-native data protection, leading his company to drive innovation and excellence. With a career that began in the early days of storage area networking, Balcha has a proven track record of pioneering breakthroughs in data storage and protection. He has held key roles at EMC, where he was pivotal in developing cutting-edge cloud and virtualization solutions

Photo of David Safaii, Executive Chairman of the Board, wearing a black checked coat

David Safaii

Executive Chairman of the Board

With more than 15 years of business management and executive leadership expertise, David is responsible for the strategic direction, operations, and growth of the company. Prior to leading Trilio, David founded and served as SVP of BurstPoint Networks. During his tenure with the company, he successfully raised venture funding, grew revenues, and exited with an acquisition by Avaya. Previously, David was a Principal at Windspeed Ventures, focused on investing in and working with portfolio companies in infrastructure software as it relates to the digital media, communications, mobile, security, storage, internet of things, and software-as-a-service markets. He helped manage one of the largest venture portfolios in the US. Prior to his tenure at Windspeed, David served with the Technology Investment Banking Group at CIBC World Markets. With a B.A in Computer Information Processing from Boston College, David has been recognized by Boston Business Journal as one of Boston’s “40 Under 40” and a “New Leader” award recipient from Banker & Tradesmen.


Kevin Jackson

Director of Product Management

I have been in the IT industry since 1999, working on Unix, Linux and Windows, through the start of virtualisation and head first into the world of Cloud. At the end of 2010, I was an early adopter of OpenStack and the first OpenStack user to be invited to the early OpenStack Summits (an early version of the Travel Support Program), and I have written (and co-authored) numerous books on OpenStack over the years, landing into the world of Trilio and subsequently helping grow Trilio’s strategy and support of OpenStack and Kubernetes for our customers.

Simina Cislariu

Simina Cislariu

Global Director of Sales

Having a decade of experience in Enterprise Software Sales, my journey has been characterized by passion for learning, a commitment to excellence, and a belief in the power of persistence. My career trajectory took a unique turn from education to enterprise sales, which has allowed me to bring valuable insights and skills acquired as an educator. My time in the classroom has instilled in me the importance of continuous learning, observation, and the unwavering commitment to helping others grow to their full potential. The experience I have gathered over the last six years with Trilio has helped me grow and become a better sales leader and overall a better person. Drawing inspiration from my lineage as the daughter of a Romanian Olympic Coach, I understand the significance of setting objectives, following structured processes, and putting in the work necessary for success. Having lived in four countries on three continents, I bring a global perspective to my work as my approach involves active listening, patience, flexibility and treating everyone with respect. I believe in leading by example and these principles have not only contributed to my professional success but also created a positive and inclusive team culture.