Photo of Massood Zarrabian CEO, wearing white and pink checked coat with mountain background

Massood Zarrabian


As a professional who has worked in a wide array of industries across various jobs, I believe in accomplishing objectives ethically and collaboratively with others to focus on getting things done to meet the ever-changing business objectives, that in retrospect, are considered very special by all involved. My career has been full of opportunities, with great people around that I have learned a lot from, all of which have led me to be the person I am today.

I am shaped by the people and opportunities that surround me and believe that working together takes you further and is more meaningful than working alone. My love of theatre, film, and cinema has inspired me to think about the importance of my role and the role of others. From producer and director to leading actress /actor to other supporting roles, a great play or movie can only be made if each individual does their part and does it expertly. And when everyone does their part well, it leads to the discovery of innovative solutions to the problems we are faced with in our day-to-day work. By doing so I, and the team I work with, we are often able to provide a unique and creative perspective that gets things done efficiently and effectively. And more importantly, it has taught me to execute at the highest level, encouraging the people I work with to reach their highest potential.