Trilio for Kubernetes with Huawei OceanStor Storage 

Trilio for Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes (MOSK)

Enterprise-Grade Hybrid Cloud Data Protection

Mirantis OpenStack (MOSK)

Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes is a virtualized infrastructure as a service (IaaS) on a flexible Kubernetes foundation which provides you the power of the public cloud and the time-tested reliability of OpenStack—all built on a flexible and resilient foundation of Kubernetes, putting you back in control of your cloud. 

Whether your workloads are restricted to on-premises data centers or you’re battling out-of-control public cloud costs, private cloud virtualization is a crucial piece of your infrastructure puzzle.


Trilio offers a unique solution leveraging the power of containers to simplify the deployment and management of an entire Mirantis OpenStack for Kubernetes (MOSK) environment.  

Trilio is the only vendor out there offering backup, recovery, disaster recovery (DR), migration, and cloning solutions specifically designed for use in Mirantis containerized OpenStack environments. In combination with Mirantis Kubernetes Engine (MKE), Trilio provides comprehensive protection against any potential threats or disruptions to customer workloads.

It offers world-class features, such as automated backups (on demand or scheduled) and full data protection across multiple sites or clouds, allowing customers to easily migrate their applications between different environments if needed. Additionally, Trilio also provides advanced DR capabilities such as site failover testing, which helps ensure that customers will be able to quickly recover from disasters without significant downtime or data loss.


Managing and Protecting Cloud-Native Applications in a Multi-Cloud World


Application Mobility and Disaster Recovery with Trilio and Mirantis

Solution Brief

Protect your Critical Infrastructure and Business Applications using Cloud Native Data Mobility

Trilio DataSheet Mirantis MKE

Trilio DataSheet Mirantis MKE

Architecture Diagram

An image representing the Architecture with Trilio for MOSK, which includes OpenStack Control Plane Worker Nodes, CEPH Back Storage, and and Trilio Backup Target
  • Comprehensive data protection on Mirantis MKE and MOSK.
  • Certified Partner and Product and images that are fully containerized, and continuously scanned for vulnerabilities
  • Scales with your cloud – If you add more compute nodes to your cloud, Trilio automatically scales to new nodes and provides backup for VMs running on new nodes
  • Autodiscovery and backup of helm and operator-based applications and services
  • Easy installation process via the helm install command
  • Horizon Dashboard plugin for seamless integreation
  • Leverage the container storage interface driver (CSI) provided by various Storage providers for easy backups of persistent volumes on your MKE cluster (e.g. Ceph Storage) and stay hardware agnostic.
  • Integration with Barbican to support cinder encrypted volumes and also for encrypted backups
  • Trilio’s MultiCluster UI simplifies and standardizes the administrative and operational tasks of managing data protection policies across multiple MKE clusters.
  • Leverage your existing “kubectl command line” skillset to manage Trilio operations without incurring extra training costs.
  • Cross cloud recovery
  • File level searches in the backup images
  • File/directory level restore from backups
  • Tenant focussed self-service Backup as a Service
  • NFS and S3 compatible storage as backup target
  • Selective restore to a new tenant/region
  • Observe and manage fleets by leveraging Mirantis LENS

Use Cases

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Backup & Recovery

With point-in-time backup and recovery, you can schedule automated incremental backups according to pre-defined policies or on-demand. This means that only the changes made since the last backup will be captured, reducing the time and storage space required for backups.


One of the main benefits of cross-cloud Kubernetes migration is the ability to migrate to a new cluster, regardless of the cloud infrastructure. This means that you can optimize your application and data performance and achieve better total cost of ownership (TCO) by selecting the cloud provider that best meets your business needs.

Disaster Recovery

To ensure the continuity of operations in the event of a disaster, it is essential to be able to quickly recover any Kubernetes application. Building a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan can facilitate this process by allowing for the easy selection of backups from various repositories, specifying namespace mappings, and reconfiguring the captured data and metadata across multiple applications simultaneously.

Application Mobility

One way to expedite CI/CD pipelines is to construct multiple test and development environments, utilize production data to validate code, and seamlessly introduce changes into production. By implementing these strategies, organizations can enhance the efficiency of their software development process, leading to faster release cycles and improved product quality. Trilio seamlessly integrate into these processes.

Ransomware Protection & Recoverability

To support zero trust architectures and align with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework, it is crucial to have comprehensive protection and recoverability measures in place. Key capabilities for achieving this include application-centric approaches that utilize encryption and immutability. By adopting such measures, organizations can improve their security posture and mitigate the risks associated with cyber threats.

Continuous Restore

Continuous Restore is a feature that allows organizations to establish a "cross-cloud" infrastructure fabric, ensuring that data is continually replicated on multiple clouds simultaneously, irrespective of their heterogeneity. This capability enables access to the same data, acting as a single source of truth for disaster recovery, blue/green deployments, and production environments across different cloud types
Learn more about Continuous Restore here.

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