SUSE is a global leader in innovative, reliable, and enterprise-grade open-source solutions. SUSE specializes in Enterprise Linux, Kubernetes Management, and Edge Solutions.

About the Partnership

Trilio has partnered with SUSE to bring together Trilio for the Kubernetes cloud-native data protection solution and the SUSE Rancher platform. Trilio for Kubernetes has been certified as “Rancher Ready” and Trilio for Kubernetes can be deployed directly from the SUSE Rancher Apps and Marketplace. SUSE Rancher has been added to the Trilio for Kubernetes CI/CD pipeline, so every new version is tested and validated with SUSE Rancher before it’s released. 

Trilio for SUSE Rancher & Longhorn

Trilio for SUSE Rancher expands the data protection capabilities of SUSE Rancher with a cloud-native, enterprise-class backup solution that leverages CSI snapshots for point-in-time recovery and restoration of whole workloads with a single click. Using Trilio for Kubernetes with SUSE Rancher, customers can back up any Kubernetes distribution and restore to SUSE Rancher. In addition, Trilio integrates with and writes to Longhorn Block Storage. 


Cloud-Native Data Protection for Red Hat OpenShift in Any Environment


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