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Say Hello to Rancher Backup: Trilio Achieves Rancher Certification

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Trilio for Kubernetes Achieves Rancher Certification

Trilio for Rancher Backup Now Available in the Rancher Apps and Marketplace

Trilio for Kubernetes has achieved Rancher Ready status and is now available in the Rancher Apps and Marketplace, making Rancher backup easier than ever. Rancher enables organizations to deploy and manage Kubernetes at scale on any infrastructure from cloud to data center to edge.

Both Trilio for Kubernetes and Rancher are cloud-native solutions designed from the ground-up to support the scale, performance and mobility requirements of the cloud. Rancher provides a complete software stack for anyone adopting Kubernetes. Trilio for Kubernetes provides the cloud-native data protection platform to backup Kubernetes-based applications.

Trilio and Rancher have jointly collaborated on this solution, so you can be confident when deploying Trilio for Kubernetes within Rancher. Because you know that you’ll be ready to backup and recover applications in your Kubernetes environment easily, simply and flexibly – as you’d expect from Trilio for Kubernetes. All this is accessible from the Rancher Apps and Marketplace.

Why Trilio for Kubernetes?

Trilio for Kubernetes goes far beyond the basics you expect from a cloud-native backup and recovery platform. Trilio for Kubernetes is application-centric, so you can backup and restore data, metadata and all Kubernetes objects related to an application. To go with this, Trilio for Kubernetes employs extremely granular and specific methods of backup. It allows you to backup based on namespace, labels, operators and Helm charts.

Management Console RBAC

Furthermore, it’s not just native to the cloud, but also native to Kubernetes and Rancher. As such, it’s packaged as an operator and deployed as a Custom Resource Definition. On top of that, Trilio for Kubernetes is compatible with every type of storage – CSI, NFS, S3 – and cloud providers from private clouds to public clouds including AWS, GCP and IBM.

How do Trilio and Rancher work together?

When you install Trilio for Kubernetes via the simple, UI-driven workflow directly from the Rancher Apps and Marketplace, you know that it will deploy seamlessly and run successfully in your Rancher Kubernetes environment. It’s easier than ever to run Trilio for Kubernetes from Rancher to provide backup and recovery services for entire applications – including all networks, security groups, metadata, data and any other objects – across public, hybrid or multi-cloud environments.