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We're more than just backup software

Kubernetes applications are portable but moving data is a challenge. Whether you are looking to move from one Kubernetes distribution to another, or from On-Premises to the Public Cloud such as EKS, AKS or GKE, or you now have a multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud strategy, Trilio provides features of its service and tool for Kubernetes to make moving your applications and persistent volume data simple.


Portable applications and data at your fingertips

Trilio’s cloud-native data protection software is more than just backup and recovery. With Trilio, your applications and data can be ported and migrated to other Kubernetes clusters with ease.

Multi-Cluster Aware

Trilio is designed for multi-cluster use. Trilio is simply installed as a standard Kubernetes Operator wherever you need your applications to be migrated and you can operate from a single UI pane of glass.

Powerful Metadata Transformations

Migrating between different cloud infrastructure presents new challenges to your migration strategy if there are differences between hardware of the environment. Transformations allow you to perform such actions as alter the storage class, change load balance strategy, remove conflicting resources, and update ports.

Orchestrate and Automate

Trilio becomes part of your cloud operations allowing you to seamlessly integrate actions like data copy and restore with Ansible, ArgoCD and other CI/CD pipelines

Container Image Registry Backup and Restore

Kubernetes container applications require images to run. For migration projects it is vital that all dependencies are accessible. With Trilio you can ensure all your images are safely migrated to your own, secure, internal repository ensuring no versioning challenges or differences following your migration.

Full Kubernetes Cluster Migrations

Trilio can migrate all of your applications and operators, deployed across multiple namespaces, to ensure all your dependencies are met. Whether your application is stateful, including multiple persistent volumes, or stateless with inter-dependencies on deployed stateful applications, Trilio makes migrations easy with its Cluster Migrate feature.

Kubernetes Cloud Migrations Made Simple

Migrate Your Applications

With Trilio installed, users are able to easily migrate applications, container images and persistent volume data to any Kubernetes cluster, whether on-premises, hybrid-cloud or public cloud.

Transform Your Metadata

Trilio can transform your metadata, simplifying the migration from different distributions or cloud platform infrastructure changes.

Protect Your Data

Once migrated, you will continue to protect your applications using the multi-cloud interface provided by Trilio.

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