Ransomware Protection


Ransomware Attacks Can Occur at Any Time: Are You Ready?

Ransomware attacks are on the rise—with devastating consequences to your business. And they’re getting more sophisticated, targeting not only your data but your backups, too.


Extra Security Challenges for Cloud-Native Applications

Cloud-native environments are more complex with more critical data to protect, causing extra challenges with ransomware recovery and protection. Attackers can get into your primary storage and backup system so you can’t restore your data easily—or at all.

There are two ways attackers can get into your backups: from the container backup management console or from the storage media console, where backups are stored.

Because they can target your backups, attackers can access and delete point-in-time captures, making it:

⚠️ Harder to restore your business operations after your data is held ransom
⚠️ More likely that you’ll have to pay the ransom to recover your data
⚠️ Cost more when you’re hit by a cyberattack

A legacy approach won’t provide the coverage you need. So how do you stay protected?

Cloud-Native Ransomware Protection is Just a Click Away

Trilio for Kubernetes is a ransomware protection solution that gives you 360° coverage for your cloud-native applications. Leveraging the National Institute of Security and Technology’s (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework, Trilio’s platform allows you to:



Trilio provides insight into the protection of your applications, no matter how they’re managed—by Helm, Operators, Labels, or Namespaces.



Using Role-Based Access Control, Trilio reduces your attack surface and keeps your backup storage media from being compromised.

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Detect & Mitigate

Trilio’s backup technology can flag an attack early and stop further data manipulation via access controls.

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Trilio can find and use uncompromised backups to get your business operations back up and running fast.

Business Benefits of Cloud-Native Ransomware Protection

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Get a 360° View of Your Application Protection

View the protection status of your applications at any point in time, so you know what’s backed up and what’s not.

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Easily Monitor Your Applications and Environments

Flag malicious activity and compromised data to ensure that your apps and environments are clean and pristine every time.

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Restore Your Data in Just One Click

Easy workflows allow you to test, validate, and restore your entire environment or a portion of it with the click of a button.

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Save Money, Time, and Resources

Never pay ransom or risk irrecoverable loss to your revenue, productivity, or customers again.

Ready to Stop Ransomware Attacks in Their Tracks?

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