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Ransomware Protection

Ransomware protection that gives you 360° coverage for your cloud-native applications.
Kubernetes ransomware protection

Do not pay that ransom!

When you have a trusted backup solution in place, recovery from malware and ransomware takes minutes.

Protect your applications, data and reputation today.

Ransomware & Malware Protection and Recovery

Trilio for Kubernetes provides a trusted recovery solution that aligns to industry standards

Immutable Backups

Utilising S3 backup repositories allows you to create backups on object locked S3 buckets, removing the ability of unauthorized alteration or encryption of the data once backed up.

Encrypted Backups

256-Bit LUKS based encryption based on your own Secret keys ensure that your backup data is not readable for further extortion campaigns

Remove Ransomware and Malware by recovering from backup

Take point-in-time copies of your application as you iterate, then simply roll back to a previous version when ransomware or malware attacks occur


Trilio provides insight into the protection of your applications, no matter how they’re managed by Helm, Operators, Labels, or Namespaces.

Extra Security Challenges for Cloud-Native Applications

Cloud-native environments are more complex with more critical data to protect, causing extra challenges with ransomware recovery and protection. Attackers can get into your primary storage and backup system so you can’t restore your data easily—or at all.

Attackers will attempt to access your backups and attempt to access and delete point-in-time captures, making it:

A legacy approach won’t provide the coverage you need. So how do you stay protected?

Ready to Stop Ransomware Attacks in Their Tracks?

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