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Migrate from VMware to Red Hat OpenStack Platform

A seamless software-based solution to migrate live production clouds without disrupting ongoing operations

Migrate from VMware to Red Hat OpenStack Platform

A seamless software-based solution to migrate live production clouds without disrupting ongoing operations

Watch the video to see the Migration from VMware to Red Hat OpenStack

VMware migration diagram
Trilio’s in-band approach to VMware migration helps organizations implement an effective organization-wide migration strategy.

Intelligent migration that's a snap

Trilio’s tenant-driven workflows discover VMware workloads and extract their data and associated metadata. Trilio creates these resources on the OpenStack platform, then gives users maximum flexibility to remap VMware constructs to OpenStack constructs. Users can repeatedly execute
migration plans until they are 100% confident that migration workloads meet their business needs.

vmware to openstack

Integrated and Optimized for VMware to Red Hat OpenStack Platform Migrations

Trilio as a natively integrated service. Seamlessly build migration plans leveraging Trilio’s UI, API or CLI; or, couple Ansible Automation practices with Trilio to automate the migration process.

Automatic Mapping

      • You can set defaults mappings on the Planning Phase and customize during the Tenant Migration Phase.
      • Map VMware resource types to OpenStack resources
      • Map VMs to OpenStack Tenants (automatic hostname translation)
      • Map Networking and Storage in VMware to OpenStack Networking and Storage

Migration Options

  • Dry Run (Test Run)
      • VMs are not shutdown, snapshot taken of running VM
      • Does not guarantee application consistency
      • Creates Template VM Metadata
      • Useful for testing VMs, connectivity and quota availability before full migration
  • Cold Migration
      • VMs are shutdown before uploading data
      • Downtime is high – the duration of the upload of data into OpenStack
  • Warm Migration
      • Multiple Live Snapshots of VMware VM taken and Uploaded to OpenStack
      • VMware VM will be shut down on final copy (final catch up)
      • Downtime is low – the duration of the final incremental upload of data into OpenStack


      • Similar to Ansible model, No agent required on VMWare


      • Automation is critical for the project. Because Trilio has a robust set of APIs, Ansible playbooks can be leveraged to run and manage Trilio and the project at scale

Unparalleled scale with Built in OpenStack Provider

      • Deep integration within OpenStack
      • Designed for OpenStack Admins to bring in VMware Virtual Machines
      • Trilio is just another service in OpenStack, with a documented RESTful API
      • Integrated into OpenStack UI and Command Line

Pull vs Push Architecture

      • Migration initiated, and controlled, within OpenStack. VMs are pulled from OpenStack

VM Discovery

        • Pull the inventory of VMWare virtual machines during the migration process (discovery) as many times as needed.

Multiple Availability Zone (AZ) Aware

      • During Import, choose existing AZ on OpenStack

Multiple AZ Aware

      • During Import, choose existing AZ on OpenStack
trilio openstack overview
Trilio’s agentless architecture uses RESTful APIs that invoke native OpenStack API and the Trilio Data Movers (proprietary, lightweight services) to move data during migration or recovery. The Data Mover runs as part of the compute node, significantly reducing the need for additional servers or resources during Trilio integration and operation.

Why Trilio Technology?

100% Software-based

As a pure software-based solution, Trilio can be seamlessly integrated into live production clouds without disrupting ongoing operations.


The deployment process is entirely transparent to tenants, who can instantly leverage Trilio's robust data protection and migration capabilities as soon as the software is integrated. 


There are no manual configuration changes, and no restarts at either the administrator or tenant level.

Planning your VMware to OpenStack Migration with Trilio Advisors​

Execute a migration plan/strategy, monitor the migration progress, and address any issues or challenges that arise. After the migration, establish an ongoing support processes to ensure the smooth operation of the OpenStack environment.

Success Story

Telefonica Shares Success Story


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