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Satisfied Trilio Customer Telefonica Shares Success Story | Trilio

Satisfied Trilio Customer Telefonica Shares Success Story

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David Safaii, CEO of Trilio, recently participated in a roundtable with Chris Buggie, Head of Core Infrastructure and Cloud Services at O2 (a subsidiary of Telefonica), and Bruno Moraes, Managing Director of Wayra. At the heart of the conversation were the benefits Telefonica has realized from using Trilio to back up their 600-node, 30-tenant private OpenStack cloud.

“There aren’t too many partners that we can work with that can help satisfy our challenging demands for mission-critical support,” said Chris Buggie. 

He added, “When we were working with Trilio, what really stood out was the ease of the software and, immediately, the rapport with the team, the caliber of individuals and really being able to get to the root of the issues that we had within Telefonica from a backup perspective.”

To learn more about Trilio, Telefonica, and the good work done by tech startup accelerator Wayra, watch the video below.