Photo of Christina Lattuca, CFO and VP of Operations wearing a blazer with white background

Christina Lattuca

CFO and VP of Operations

As the Chief Financial Officer & VP of Operations at Trilio, I bring over 25 years of expertise in financial and operational leadership, particularly within the global high-tech sector. My core proficiency is helping software companies achieve financial improvement and transparency by partnering with stakeholders to link operations and finance.  I am passionate about elevating accounting and operational processes through best-in-class financial controls and system automation.

Over the years, I’ve guided startups and mid-tier organizations, navigating financial intricacies, reshaping underperforming businesses, and engaging with stakeholders at every tier. I pride myself on my ability to analyze workflows, collaborate with essential partners, and implement changes that bolster both fiscal health and organizational growth.

In my most recent role as CFO at Cygilant Inc., a leader in cybersecurity, I guided the company through its acquisition by SilverSky. This position was defined by a complete restructuring of the accounting division, enhanced financial reporting, and the introduction of robust financial and operational governance systems. My professional journey also includes pivotal roles like Director of Finance at Ecora Software, Director of Financial Planning at CedarPoint Communications and Segue Software, and several other finance roles of ascending responsibility.

At Trilio, I oversee a vast range of financial operations, bridging strategic foresight with risk management, nurturing investor relations, and ensuring smart capital utilization. My mission is to align our financial strategies flawlessly with our technological ambitions. Outside the realm of numbers and strategies, my escapes are traveling with my loved ones, skiing, immersing in a good book, or cherishing moments with my two canine companions.