Kevin Jackson

Director of Product Management

I have been in the IT industry since 1999, working on Unix, Linux and Windows, through the start of virtualisation and  head first into the world of Cloud. At the end of 2010, I was an early adopter of OpenStack and the first OpenStack user to be invited to the early OpenStack Summits (an early version of the Travel Support Program), and I have written (and co-authored) numerous books on OpenStack over the years, landing into the world of Trilio and subsequently helping grow Trilio’s strategy and support of OpenStack and Kubernetes for our customers.

My career has been shaped by working with fantastic people over the many years, including my time at AutoTrader UK where I was a senior lead and Infrastructure Architect working with Red Hat, VMware, and part of the team that implemented the early adoption of Sun Opteron AMD64 servers for Oracle Clusters. Through my work with OpenStack I joined Rackspace and I was promoted to Principal Architect and Engineer soon after. Finally, working at Trilio allows me to share my experience and passion for OpenStack and Kubernetes, and ensuring our customers get the very best from us and our expertise in cloud data protection and recovery.