Data Protection and Intelligent Recovery for Kubernetes and OpenStack

Trilio provides enterprises with a Hybrid-Cloud intelligent recovery platform that’s self-service, recovers outages in minutes, and provides organizations with evidence-based compliance – turning exposed organizations into resilient enterprises.

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Cloud-Native by Design

Purpose built for the cloud-native era, Trilio protects the most demanding environments to maximize stability across all tenants.  

Intelligent Recovery for Kubernetes Apps

Intelligent, enterprise-grade cloud-native protection for Red Hat, Canonical, Mirantis, Vmware, Nutanix, EKS, AKS, GKE, Suse, and other CNCF-compliant Kubernetes distributions.

Intelligent Recovery for OpenStack

Restore entire workloads with a single click and get complete visibility into OpenStack operations in a single view with the only backup and recovery solution built for TripleO, Red Hat OSP, Mirantis OpenStack, Canonical, Ansible, Kolla, Rackspace OpenStack.

Red Hat® OpenShift®

A unified platform to build, modernize, and deploy applications at scale. Work smarter and faster with a complete set of services for bringing apps to market on your choice of infrastructure.

Why Choose Us?

The Features
Modern Way
Intelligent Recovery
Traditional Way
Data-Centric Recovery
Administrated- Service
Recovered in background
2 Day IT Ticket
Automated / Tech Driven
Relying on few experts
Your Data
Near-zero Risk
High Risk
Recovery Time
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Don't let cloud outages cost you

While most enterprises are backing up their cloud applications, Dev Ops Leaders and IT Managers struggle to quickly recover data during outages or upgrades because of the:

  • manual recovery processes
  • multiple unavailable backups
  • breaking recovery scripts

This creates loss, and days of downtime and puts the enterprises’ compliance at risk.

Goodbye, Traditional App Restores. Hello, Intelligent Recovery!

Minimize downtime. Maximize productivity and revenue.  

Minimize downtime

To minimize the impact of any kind of outages and downtimes trilio provides the right capabilities to be on the proactive side.

Maximize productivity and revenue.

We're manually stitching files back together after outages.


Our recovery methods don't scale across the business.

Get near-zero RTO

With Trilio’s unique “Continuous Restore” you have the ability to recover data to a point in time that is almost identical to the state it was in immediately before the failure occurred, minimizing data loss and reducing the impact of downtime. 

Ensure the continuity of your business operations.

Have evidence-based compliance

“Evidence-based compliance” is the process of collecting, analyzing, and documenting information needed, as evidence to demonstrate that an organization is adhering to a set of regulations or standards. 

Reduce the risk of penalties and reputational damage.

We're manually stitching files back together after outages.

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Protecting Your Enterprise with Trilio Is Easy.

Go from traditional application restores to intelligent recovery.   

Get a Demo

See how Trilio's intelligent recovery solution can help save your organization from unavailable backups and downtime.

Get Intelligent Recovery Advice

Have one of our intelligent recovery experts get you a red-yellow-green assessment with specific recommendations.

Run & Recover Your Applications With Confidence

Receive notifications on applications that have just been restored, instead of alerts on outages.

The World Has Changed

Traditional recovery approaches no longer work for the enterprise. Cloud-native or not, data loss is not an option. But with traditional recovery methods, data loss is a real risk. Trilio’s intelligent recovery approach gets your apps and data recovered in minutes, automatically, and in the background, with near zero RPO. Get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your apps and data is always recoverable, and your business can keep running smoothly in the cloud.   

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Our Experience Is Your Advantage

Hear what our incredible customers have to say!

The solution is flexible enough to leverage different storage vendors using their Container Storage Interface offering through Kubernetes.
Two employees standing, holding a laptop, and discussing steps and measures they can use to minimize downtime.
Venkat Maddikayala
President and CEO, V3Main Technologies
Trilio offers PNAP and its customers the ability to have a one stop shop for data protection of k8s resources.

Two employees standing, holding a laptop, and discussing steps and measures they can use to minimize downtime.
William Bell
EVP of Products, PhoenixNAP Global IT Services
We selected Trilio over Kasten. It was a clear choice.

Image of a phone and someone's finger with a blurred background to write a review about how glad they are to work with Trilio.
Erker Baysal
Principal DevSecOps Engineer, ASRC Federal Mission Solutions

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