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Cloud-Native Data Protection for Red Hat® OpenShift in Any Environment


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By Trilio Content Team | September 15, 2022

If you’re using Red Hat OpenShift to deploy and manage your Kubernetes applications, you’re already enjoying the simplicity, ease of operations, and other benefits that come with this enterprise-ready platform. But your applications need additional functionality to be resilient—fully protected, quickly recoverable, and easily mobile. Thankfully, you have options that make resiliency not only possible but simple. And TrilioVault for Kubernetes (TVK) takes the cake.

Integrated, Optimized Support for OpenShift Applications in Any Environment

Whether you’re deploying on-prem, in the cloud, or at the edge, TrilioVault for Kubernetes (TVK) is integrated and optimized for Red Hat OpenShift. Cloud-native and application-centric, TVK helps you back up and recover your OpenShift applications on your current infrastructure and however, it may evolve in the future.

By backing up your entire application, including data, metadata, and all associated objects, TVK makes restoration from any point in time easy and fast. And that comes with big benefits for your business, including the ability to recover quickly from ransomware attacks, meet disaster recovery protocols, fully protect your applications, and easily migrate infrastructure.

This flexibility allows you to move your OpenShift applications into whatever infrastructure fits your needs, including in scenarios such as:


      • Moving your OpenShift applications across clouds or Kubernetes distributions to optimize your cost, performance, and security

      • Using a hybrid cloud approach by taking advantage of OpenShift on-prem and the public cloud to give you burst capabilities

    Certified as a Red Hat partner and integrated into their full ecosystem, TVK makes managing and protecting your OpenShift applications a breeze. So you have full control of your data, no matter what comes your way or where you want to go.

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    Realize Your OpenShift Application Resiliency with TVK

    To find out more about how TVK supports OpenShift applications in any environment, read the full solution brief or watch this video. And schedule a call with one of our K8s experts to dive deeper.

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    Click the image to download the brief