Trilio for Red Hat OpenStack

Enterprise-Grade Hybrid Cloud Data Protection  

Red Hat OpenStack

Red Hat® OpenStack® Platform is a cloud computing platform that virtualizes resources from industry-standard hardware, organizes those resources into clouds, and manages them so users can access what they need—when they need it. 


Trilio is the OpenStack-native Intelligent Recovery Platform that gives Red Hat OpenStack users the ability to restore entire workloads with one click or even migrate Applications from one Red Hat OpenStack Cloud to another.

With Trilio for Red Hat OpenStack users can protect their critical data and applications from data loss, corruption, or other disasters that can occur in cloud environments. The solution provides granular backup and recovery, allowing users to restore data at the individual file or application level. This makes it easy to recover specific data in the event of an issue or outage.

Trilio also offers scalability and flexibility, supporting a wide range of OpenStack configurations and distributions. This means that users can protect their data regardless of the size or complexity of their OpenStack deployment. This enables OpenStack customers to migrate from any distribution to Red Hat OpenStack in just a few steps.


The Challenges of Upgrading OpenStack Clouds


What’s New in Trilio for OpenStack v4.2


Backup and Restore Workloads

White Paper

OpenStack Backup and Recovery

Solution Brief

Red Hat Solution Brief

Architecture Diagram

Image of Trilio Redhat OpenStack Architecture platform. OpenStack control plane, OpenStack Compute, OpenStack Black Storage, Trilio Backup Target NFS, or S3 Compatible Redhat Ceph Storage

Architecture Screenshots

A screenshot of the operator admin overview of Trilio Workloads
A screenshot of a restore where an instance was deleted
A screenshot of diving into the given snapshot, where you see all the restores
A screenshot of Trilio dashboard, where you can check status on Trilio services
A screenshot of every detail showing the details of the snapshots taken

Use Cases

  • Cloud and Tenant Data Protection – Protection of the overcloud during the upgrade

  • Red Hat and Trilio, customers can dramatically reduce both the risk and time associated with this often-costly upgrade process

  • Backup the existing cloud environment — including valuable workload metadata — and restore it to the upgraded cloud environment

  • Captures both the application and VM data, as well as the tenant/project metadata itself (network definitions, storage layout, security groups, etc.)

  • Capture environmental points-in-time consisting of OS, compute, network configurations, security groups, data, and metadata as a whole

  • Snapshots can be held in a variety of storage environments including NFS, Swift, and 3rd party arrays

  • Tenant driven policy creation and single-click recovery that improves Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)

  • Application awareness and consistency regardless of changes to the environment

Disaster Recovery

Recover any OpenStack application quickly in the event of a disaster. Trilio enables easy restoration of entire workloads that reflect the clouds last best-known state. Such as One-Click-Restore to entire project recovery on different clusters.


A tenant or administrator can capture an application and its data and non-disruptively migrate that exact point-in-time to another OpenStack cloud. The need to migrate OpenStack workloads can be driven by economics, security or test/dev.


Trilio for OpenStack is integrating into OpenStack Barbican to enable Trilio to provide native backup and recovery of the encrypted Cinder volume.

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Business critical services like NFV can quickly be configured to any state, assuring optimal quality of service. Trilio provides recovery from data damage and allows restoration of entire VNFs, selected NFVs, or individual data items using a point-in-time working copy.

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