Trilio for Red Hat Virtualization

Native Data Protection for Virtualized Infrastructure


Easy Backup and Recovery for Red Hat Virtualization

Trilio for Red Hat Virtualization (RHV) backup and recovery solution natively integrates with Red Hat virtualized infrastructure, helping to reduce downtime by streamlining restoration activities with one click.

By integrating with the RHV SDK, TrilioVault enables incremental forever snapshots of applications and VMs (including valuable metadata pertaining to the OS, VM network configurations, and storage volumes). TrilioVault also integrates with RHV Manager to provide administrators with complete visibility into their infrastructure operations in a single view.

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    Red Hat Virtualization Backup and Recovery

Cloud-Native Design



A Trilio data mover runs behind the scenes as part of the RHV node

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Point-in-time Recovery

Restore to a fully functional application environment at a specific point-in-time

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KVM Native

Fully integrates with the Red Hat ecosystem of Red Hat Ceph and Red Hat CloudForms



Linear scale with zero degradation


Self-Service Management

Admins can backup and restore their workloads via RHV Manager


Non-Disruptive Backup

Snapshot captures of entire workloads including VMs, applications, data and metadata


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Backup & Recovery 

Application-centric backup and recovery of data and meta data with point-in-time capture of incremental change blocks of the workload via a data mover.



Trilio allows administrators to easily upgrade to a newer version of RHV, move to a new RHV host or geolocation and shift backups to another RHV hypervisor.


Disaster Recovery 

Trilio for Red Hat Virtualization makes it simple to restore workloads that reflect your hypervisor’s last-best-known-state. It allows admins to manage backup and DR policies including; storing point-in-time copies in NFS repositories, backing up data and metadata into a new host, data center, or hypervisor and migrating applications and VMs from one RHV to another with ease.

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