The Most Trusted Backup and Recovery Platform for OpenStack

TrilioVault is the only OpenStack-native data backup and recovery solution that gives cloud and backup administrators the ability to restore entire workloads in one click.

The platform helps OpenStack users protect their clouds and efficiently create, store and manage point-in-time backups while providing policy-based recovery times to meet application SLA’s.

TrilioVault for OpenStack offers businesses complete control of their cloud backup in a way that is easily recoverable and requires little-to-no central IT administration.


A TrilioVault data mover runs behind the scenes as part of the NOVA compute node


Role-based access for secured zones within your cloud

OpenStack Integrated

Fully integrates with all key OpenStack technologies


Linear scale with zero degradation


Tenants can backup & restore their workloads via Red Hat or Canonical interface


Snapshot capture of entire workloads including VMs


Backup & Recovery

Application-centric backup and recovery of data and meta data with point-in-time capture of incremental change blocks of the workload via a data mover.


A tenant or administrator can capture an application and its data and non-disruptively migrate that exact point-in-time to another OpenStack cloud. The need to migrate OpenStack workloads can be driven by economics, security or test/dev.

Disaster Recovery

To handle planned or unplanned disasters, TrilioVault enables easy restoration of entire workloads that reflect the clouds last best-known state.

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

Business critical services like NFV can quickly be configured to any state, assuring optimal quality of service. TrilioVault provides recovery from data damage and allows restoration of entire VNFs, selected VNFCs, or individual data items using a point-in-time working copy. The platform also allows recovery from a disaster by restoring the OpenStack network topology and populating it with a working copy of the entire NFV.

How It Works

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