When Disaster Strikes: How to Solve Recovery Nightmares for Good

Despite best efforts, it is impossible to eliminate every risk to your organization’s technology infrastructure. At some point, whether through natural disaster, infrastructure failure, or an external threat like ransomware, your recovery protocol will be put to the test — and the stakes are high. Slow or incomplete recoveries create poor customer experiences, damage company reputations and prevent employees from performing their responsibilities. In today’s landscape, it is critical that a company be able to trust its recovery capabilities.

To build a truly resilient infrastructure, recovery systems must be able to meet internal standards on a consistent basis. Key metrics, such as recovery time objective (RTO) and mean time to recover (MTTR), can provide valuable insights into a company’s existing performance and help monitor progress. With the right third-party solution, it’s possible to safeguard against the impacts of disaster, even if it can’t remove the risk entirely.

In this first webinar in Trilio’s series, “Proactive Protection: Building Resiliency Into Your Cloud-Native Data Strategy,” data experts will dig into the real risks of data loss and highlight tangible ways to reduce these vulnerabilities. Tune in to learn more about:

  • The true dangers of data loss from an outdated recovery strategy
  • How to use metrics to assess and improve your recovery performance
  • Which criteria are non-negotiables when identifying the right software partner
  • And much more

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