Trilio for OpenStack 4.1 Is Now Available

Trilio for OpenStack 4.1

On February 5th, we released the latest version of Trilio for OpenStack — version 4.1. 

So, how did the best backup platform for OpenStack get even better? Trilio for OpenStack 4.1 has simplified installation processes, even more support for enterprise database applications, forever incremental backup for all volume types and much, much more.

In our development of Trilio for OpenStack 4.1, we listened to the users and improved our solution to meet — and exceed — their needs. 4.1 is for all of those who said: “Life is good. But it can be better.”

Here at Trilio, we think about that a lot — and we keep improving.

Improved Installation Processes

One of Trilio’s goals is to make things as simple and straightforward as possible for the user. That’s why we decided to take aim at the native installation process for our Red Hat OpenStack Platform users. Our goal for Trilio for OpenStack 4.1: cut as many steps as possible from the Red Hat OpenStack Platform native installation process.

Prior to this new release (4.1), there were still some special steps required on the Red Hat OpenStack Platform side; and the installation processes for Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13, 16 and 16.1 were all slightly different. We worked with Red Hat to dramatically reduce the number of manual steps necessary for installation. In fact, we were able to cut the manual requirement down to just one step: changing the user ID for Trilio. Everything else is now automated. This process is applicable to all supported versions of OpenStack, no need for any variation .

The installation processes for Kolla Ansible OpenStack and Ansible OpenStack have undergone even bigger changes. Kolla-based Ansible playbooks and Ansible OpenStack playbooks are now enhanced to deploy and configure the Trilio virtual appliance.

External Database Support

Trilio for OpenStack 4.0 includes many performance improvements for handling large numbers of workloads and snapshots. However, to further improve the resiliency, scale and ability of Trilio for OpenStack, version 4.1 includes support for external databases, such as OpenStack MySQL or MariaDB. This feature also further simplifies the Trilio upgrade process.

Incremental Backups for Nova Boot Root Volumes

Trilio stays in close contact with customers and most of our new features come out of that communication. This enhancement comes out of conversations with a large telecommunications company and Trilio for OpenStack customer. With this feature, the space savings associated with incremental backups are now extended to nova boot root volumes. With 4.1, Trilio for OpenStack now supports forever incremental backup for all volume types.

And Much More in Trilio for OpenStack 4.1

Trilio for OpenStack contains many more new elements that improve native integration with OpenStack or enable Trilio to provide an even better solution in the future.


Check out the full release notes for Trilio for OpenStack 4.1 to learn more about the following new features and capabilities:

  • OpenStack Ussuri support
  • New File Recovery Process
  • Installation Optimization for Kolla Ansible OpenStack, Ansible OpenStack, and Red Hat OpenStack Platform
  • Support for External MySQL/MariaDB databases
  • Incremental Backup for nova booted instances
  • Support for OpenStack User Groups
  • Quota is extended to Snapshots
  • S3 Support for Kolla Ansible OpenStack
  • UI enhancement for Selective Restore

(Trilio 4.1.94 is the GA release of Trilio 4.1.)