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Trilio Unveils Version 4 of Trilio for Kubernetes & Native Integration with Red Hat OpenShift


Trilio for Kubernetes 4.0 Now Available

(FRAMINGHAM, Mass., January 8, 2024) – Trilio, a leading provider of data protection solutions for cloud-native applications in Kubernetes, KubeVirt and OpenStack, is proud to announce the availability of Trilio for Kubernetes (T4K) version 4. This latest version introduces a range of powerful capabilities for Kubernetes and deeper integration for Red Hat OpenShift. Key highlights of Trilio for Kubernetes v4.0 include:

Expanded Support for Red Hat OpenShift:

Trilio for Kubernetes Version 4 brings an unparalleled level of integration with Red Hat OpenShift, one of the industry’s leading Kubernetes platforms: 

  • Red Hat OpenShift Console Integration: Trilio functionality is now a ‘Backup’ Tab in the Red Hat OpenShift Console . Now, DevOps and ITOps can have full command and control of their data protection schema through Red Hat OpenShift’s User Interface in addition to Trilio’s User Interface, or CLI.
  • OpenShift Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) Recovery: Trilio for OpenShift now supports natively backing up and restoring Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM) Operators in Red Hat OpenShift, ensuring the seamless preservation of Operator lifecycles post-restore.
  • Continuous Restore for Virtual Machines: Version 4 extends Trilio’s cutting edge cloud-native DR solution, Continuous Restore, to support virtual machines running on KubeVirt and OpenShift Virtualization. This feature significantly reduces downtime during disaster recovery scenarios. 
  • Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management: Trilio provides ready to go Policies that allow central data protection governance

Expanded Support for Kubernetes 

  • All Kubernetes Distributions Supported: Trilio for Kubernetes continues to be available across CNCF-based distributions including the latest versions of Upstream, Rancher RKE, K3S, OpenShift Container Platform, OpenShift SNO, Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, Amazon EKS, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE).
  • Security Capabilities: Version 4 provides greater control over jobs, privileges and access, improvements to guided workflows, and administrator resource configuration through Trilio UI.

“We are excited to introduce Trilio for Kubernetes version 4, a testament to our commitment to provide cutting-edge data protection solutions for cloud-native applications. This release is a culmination of Trilio’s innovation, collaboration with our visionary customers, offering organizations an easy to deploy and use for backup and recovery for Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift for cloud-native environments.” 

Massood Zarrabian, CEO at Trilio

“Trilio for Kubernetes is a solid offering for organizations looking only for container data protection and don’t need an underlying container storage platform. It’s especially suited for organizations running on multiple clouds or using different Kubernetes distributions since its powerful transformation capabilities make all Kubernetes applications transferable between any environment.”

Johnny Yu, Research Manager, Storage and Computing at IDC

Trilio for Kubernetes Version 4 is available immediately. For Red Hat OpenShift, Trilio’s Operator is certified and available on the Red Hat Operator Hub. For more information on the new features and enhancements, please visit Trilio’s website or contact [email protected].


About Trilio

We are a leading provider of cloud-native Data Protection software solutions, supporting private, public and hybrid-clouds, engineered from ground up for Kubernetes, KubeVirt and OpenStack environments. At Trilio, we believe that data protection should be effortless, automated, and predictable. Our platforms deliver a modern data protection experience that gives customers more power and control over their applications and data. Cloud Architects, Platform Engineers, ITOps and DevOps departments, rely on Trilio technology for operational resiliency to perform critical tasks such as data backup and recovery, migration, ransomware protection, application mobility and disaster recovery. 

Either in place, or into other clusters and clouds, Trilio’s software dramatically reduces the amount of time spent on restoration and migration activities empowering customers from diverse sectors, such as telecommunications, financial services, defense, automotive and healthcare with the ability to easily deploy, manage and scale applications with confidence. Trilio has been a Premier Red Hat partner since 2017.

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