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Trilio Announces Trilio for OpenStack Version 5 Availability


Backup-as-a-Service offering Introduces Advanced Range of Migration, Backup and Recovery Capabilities 

(FRAMINGHAM, Mass., January 22, 2024) – Trilio, a leading provider of data protection solutions for cloud-native applications in OpenStack, Kubernetes, and KubeVirt, is proud to announce the availability of Trilio for OpenStack (T4O) version 5. 

Trilio for OpenStack Version 5 provides capabilities which optimize backup operations, improve database performance, and streamline architecture while supporting the latest OpenStack distributions. Key highlights this release include:


  • Migrate VMware VMs to OpenStack: Trilio introduces the ability to migrate VMware Virtual Machines to OpenStack as a fully integrated plugin into Horizon. Users can now create migration plans, bring in VMware workloads, and assign them to tenants/projects in OpenStack resulting in greater speed, scale and control without data loss. 
  • Backup and Recovery Performance Improvement: Trilio for OpenStack Version 5 optimizes the backup creation and recovery process coupled with improved workload queuing and resource management. 
  • Major Storage Optimization Using Ceph: Ceph-based storage benefits from additional optimizations, ensuring optimal backup performance compared to traditional solutions.
  • Support for all Current OpenStack Distributions: Trilio now supports and integrates into all OpenStack distributions, making Trilio the go-to solution for users running various versions of Ansible Playbooks or exploring OpenStack-Helm. As organizations go through upgrade cycles or determine the need to change distributions, know that your applications and data are recoverable. 
  • Streamlined Architecture: Trilio for OpenStack Version 5 is deployed as a container eliminating the need to scale your data protection independently of your cloud. As a fully integrated service, scale Trilio for OpenStack like any other OpenStack service resulting in streamlined operational management.
  • Unified Logging Format: Trilio simplifies log management by unifying logs. This enhancement reduces troubleshooting time and improves overall log management and reporting for OpenStack services.

“Version 5 is a transformative step forward in delivering unparalleled OpenStack backup and recovery solutions. This release isn’t just an update; it’s a strategic move to provide a more efficient, scalable, and integrated data protection solution, enhancing the overall OpenStack experience for our users.” 

Kevin Jackson, Director of Product Management at Trilio

Trilio for OpenStack Version 5 is available immediately. For more information on the new features and enhancements, please visit Trilio’s website or contact [email protected].

About Trilio

We are a leading provider of cloud-native Data Protection software solutions, supporting private, public and hybrid-clouds, engineered from ground up for Kubernetes, KubeVirt and OpenStack environments. At Trilio, we believe that data protection should be effortless, automated, and predictable. Our platforms deliver a modern data protection experience that gives customers more power and control over their applications and data. Cloud Architects, Platform Engineers, ITOps and DevOps departments, rely on Trilio technology for operational resiliency to perform critical tasks such as data backup and recovery, migration, ransomware protection, application mobility and disaster recovery. 

Either in place, or into other clusters and clouds, Trilio’s software dramatically reduces the amount of time spent on restoration and migration activities empowering customers from diverse sectors, such as telecommunications, financial services, defense, automotive and healthcare with the ability to easily deploy, manage and scale applications with confidence. Trilio has been a Premier Red Hat partner since 2017.