Trilio Data Announces General Availability of Data Protection for KubeVirt Environments

Leading the Way in Cloud-Native Data Protection, Trilio Empowers Organizations to Safeguard Applications and Data in Next-Generation Virtualization Platform

Framingham, August 1, 2023 – Trilio, an innovator in data protection and intelligent recovery for Cloud Native applications and KVM based platforms, is pleased to announce the general availability of its highly anticipated native data protection offering for KubeVirt environments. This release marks a significant milestone in Trilio’s mission to provide comprehensive data protection for modern virtualization platforms, solidifying its position as the leader in cloud-native data protection solutions.

Trilio’s solution for KubeVirt brings a host of benefits to organizations seeking to safeguard their cloud-native applications and data. Some key advantages include:

  • Application-Centric Protection: Trilio’s solution provides granular, application-level protection, ensuring that critical data and metadata associated with applications are fully recoverable in the event of a failure or data loss. This level of protection enables organizations to meet stringent data protection and compliance requirements.
  • Seamless Integration within the Kubernetes Ecosystem: By tightly integrating with the Kubernetes ecosystem, Trilio ensures that organizations can leverage their existing infrastructure investments, simplifying the deployment and management of data protection for KubeVirt environments. This seamless integration eliminates the need for complex, disjointed solutions, resulting in significant cost savings and operational efficiencies.
  • Fast and Reliable Recovery: Trilio’s solution offers rapid recovery capabilities, allowing organizations to quickly restore their VMs and Container-based applications to a previous known-good state. This enables businesses to minimize downtime, meet stringent recovery time objectives (RTOs), and maintain high levels of business continuity. Coupled with Trilio’s Continuous Restore capabilities, recover your applications in any cloud environment.

“Organizations now have an opportunity to manage VMs with a modern Kubernetes control plane with KubeVirt. Using KubeVirt brings all the agility and scalability benefits of Kubernetes to VMs, while also helping to unify and simplify operations between VMs and containers” said Gary Chen, Research Director, Software Defined Compute at IDC.

“Trilio is a pioneer and leader in cloud-native data protection and recovery solutions. The company has a history and deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements associated with protecting KVM-based cloud-native applications and data. Trilio has developed expertise specifically tailored to the needs of modern virtualization platforms like KubeVirt.” said Murali Balcha, CTO of Trilio. “KubeVirt adoption can be the onramp to Hybrid cloud adoption.”

“Trilio Data is proud to be at the forefront of cloud-native data protection, and we are thrilled to bring our expertise to KubeVirt environments,” said Massood Zarrabian, CEO of Trilio. “With our solution, organizations can confidently embrace KubeVirt as their next-generation virtualization platform, knowing that their critical workloads are fully protected. We believe this release opens up new possibilities for businesses, empowering them to achieve unprecedented levels of scalability, agility, and cost savings.”

To learn more about Trilio’s Data Protection and Intelligent Recovery solution for KubeVirt and to request a demo, visit .

About Trilio Data

Trilio Data is a leading provider of cloud-native data protection solutions. With a focus on Kubernetes and OpenStack environments, Trilio Data enables organizations to protect and recover critical data and applications in the cloud, allowing them to embrace the power of cloud-native technologies with confidence. With Trilio, customers are empowered with a Hybrid-Cloud intelligent recovery platform that’s self-service, recovers outages in minutes, and provides organizations with evidence-based compliance – turning exposed organizations into resilient enterprises. For more information, visit

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