Using Red Hat OpenShift in the AWS or Azure Cloud? Trilio Has Your Back

If you use Red Hat OpenShift to manage your containerized applications, you can now enjoy a more seamless experience on two of the most popular clouds—AWS and Microsoft Azure. Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA) and Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO) provide all of the benefits of the cloud alongside OpenShift’s fully managed service. So you get easy management and scalability, all together in one platform.

Even better? TrilioVault for Kubernetes is along for the ride, providing application-level backup and recovery for OpenShift in any environment, anywhere you choose to deploy—ROSA and ARO included. Here’s what you need to know and how to get started protecting your OpenShift apps in the cloud today.

Benefits of OpenShift in the Cloud

If you’re using OpenShift on-prem and are considering moving to the cloud, you’re in luck. Making the shift to the AWS or Azure cloud is easy—and it comes with extensive benefits. Both services provide the application management you know and love from Red Hat OpenShift, but each service offers unique benefits.

Let’s take a look at both.

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS Benefits

ROSA gives you an integrated, simplified way to use OpenShift on the AWS cloud. From shifting on-prem workloads to the cloud to taking advantage of the wide range of AWS services, ROSA makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage your containerized applications within OpenShift.

Additionally, ROSA offers pay-as-you-go billing either hourly or annually, giving you flexibility to scale as your business demands change. And it offers support from both Red Hat and AWS, providing ongoing application management so your team can move quickly and innovate efficiently.

Other benefits include:

  • Integrated cluster management
  • Easy access via the AWS Management Console
  • Ability to create and operationalize clusters quickly with self-service deployment

Azure Red Hat OpenShift Benefits

Prefer to use Azure for your cloud? There’s lots to love here, too. Similarly to ROSA, ARO offers the full OpenShift experience with the benefits of the Azure cloud. With jointly integrated support from Microsoft and Red Hat, your OpenShift clusters on Azure are fully managed and monitored.

As a fully integrated solution, ARO also offers simplified billing; you can get just one bill from Microsoft for both your OpenShift and Azure use, pay only for what you use, or receive discounted pricing for multi-year use.

Additional features include:

  • Self-service deployment
  • Easy scalability with the option to increase or decrease nodes to match your unique needs

Increased Data Protection + Resiliency for OpenShift in the Cloud

openshift on aws azure rosa aro

Despite the many benefits of running OpenShift in AWS and Azure, you still need a resiliency strategy to ensure that your apps are ready for the unexpected.

After all, built-in data protection via the cloud doesn’t provide the robust backup your cloud-native apps need to rebound quickly when disaster hits. And given the extensive cost of downtime, you can’t afford to risk incomplete coverage.

That’s why you need cloud-native data protection and management that scales with your OpenShift environment, no matter where it is. As a certified solution that’s tightly integrated with the Red Hat ecosystem, TrilioVault for Kubernetes (TVK) fits the bill.

With TVK, your applications running on ROSA and ARO—data, metadata, and all associated Kubernetes objects—are protected, quickly recoverable, and easy to migrate. And it’s simple to add TVK from the OpenShift OperatorHub to ROSA and ARO clusters. You can even use your AWS credits to purchase it from the AWS Marketplace, reducing the cost.

Benefits of TVK for ROSA and ARO Users

TVK has some exclusive benefits just for ROSA and ARO, including:

  • Native integration: TVK natively integrates with OpenShift and is compatible with Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation (ODF) and AWS S3 storage, removing any extra configuration steps during setup. You can find and deploy TVK as a unified solution from the OpenShift OperatorHub, and ROSA users can subscribe to it from the AWS Marketplace.
  • Easy deployment and management: TVK is deployed as a Kubernetes operator on OpenShift, ROSA, and ARO, providing a simple way to deploy and manage environments. All of these OpenShift options can be centrally managed through the TVK Management Console, which includes the ability to automate data protection and storage operations to boost your resiliency.
  • Optimized for cost, performance, and security: If you run OpenShift alongside EKS or AKS, you can use TVK to migrate your applications seamlessly between services, helping you save cost and increase security and performance.
  • Red Hat certified: TVK is Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certified, so compatibility is never a problem. TVK has also been vetted by AWS.

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Back Up and Recover Your OpenShift Apps in the Cloud Today

If you’re using ROSA or ARO, make sure you can protect, mobilize, and recover your applications by taking advantage of TVK. With one-click deployment via the OperatorHub and native integration, boosting your resiliency has never been easier.

Head over to the AWS Marketplace or Microsoft Azure Marketplace, look for TrilioVault for Kubernetes and get started today.