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Ransomware Spike Requires Comprehensive Protection | Trilio

Ransomware Spike Requires Comprehensive Protection

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Ransomware Spike Requires Comprehensive Protection

Learn More About How to Protect Your Backups

Lately, it seems like ransomware attacks are everywhere in the news. After a recent ransomware attack, Colonial Pipeline shut down its massive oil pipeline, which supplied 45% of the gas to the East Coast. This led to gas shortages felt nationwide. More recently, a ransomware attack centered on US firm Kaseya hit as many as 1500 businesses around the world. With attacks like these coming with increasing frequency, it’s time to get serious about protecting your data. And Trilio is ready to help.

As ransomware attackers continue to get smarter, Trilio knows that keeping your data safe takes more than just a single software feature set. Trilio’s ransomware protection solution leverages the NIST (National Institution of Standards and Technology) Cybersecurity Framework, so you can be confident that these are tried-and-true best practices and a comprehensive range of features for protecting your backups.

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