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KubeCon NA is On: Top Sessions & Sponsors to Manage K8s at Scale

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KubeCon NA is On: Top Sessions & Sponsors to Manage K8s at Scale Edit

By Trilio Content Team | October 14, 2022

Cloud Native’s biggest conference of the year hits Detroit next week. That’s right, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America is here, and it’s sure to make a splash in the cloud-native community. From this year’s emerging themes to don’t-miss sessions and sponsors, here’s everything you need to know about KubeCon NA 2022.

KubeCon NA: The Basics


Before we dive into what you can learn from this year’s event, let’s cover the basics. Here’s the what, where, and when of KubeCon NA.

What is KubeCon + CloudNativeCon?

Kubecon + CloudNativeCon brings together leading thinkers and technologists to educate, celebrate, and advance the cloud-native and open-source communities. Whether you want to adopt Kubernetes at your company, are a student interested in learning the tech, or are considered an expert in cloud-native infrastructure, KubeCon is the place for you.

Plus, you’ll be part of a community of enthusiasts and experts, eager to share their knowledge. Through inspiring keynotes to platforms designed specifically to solve the challenges of the cloud, you’ll find it all at KubeCon NA.

As Paul Gillin of SiliconANGLE put it, “This is ground zero for the hottest area of the entire computing industry right now.”

In other words, don’t miss it.

Where is KubeCon 2022?

Detroit, Michigan is hosting KubeCon North America this year from October 24–28th, 2022. The first two days focus on pre-event programs, while the main event takes place on the 26–28th.

Can’t make it to the Midwest? Not a problem. You can also attend virtually from anywhere in the world. And don’t worry about missing out—the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) will post videos from the keynotes and sessions on their YouTube channel after the event ends.

So you can take advantage of the knowledge, no matter where you are.

How much does KubeCon Detroit cost?

Prices vary, depending on what you’re looking for and whether you’re attending in person or not.

In-person rates start at $1,550 for corporations, but virtual rates are only $75. You can see more pricing options on the CNCF’s registration page.

Want to get a free virtual pass on us? Simply schedule a meeting to chat with our K8s data protection experts.

Sessions and Sponsors You Won’t Want to Miss

And now to the good stuff—recommendations for keynotes, sessions, and sponsors that help you solve your top cloud-native challenges.

While there are 18 tracks to tap into at this year’s KubeCon NA, let’s narrow it down to those focused on today’s biggest challenge—scalability.

Scalability, Manageability, and Automation: KubeCon’s Emerging Themes

kubecon na preview quote madhura maskasky

In a KubeCon preview conversation with The Cube, Madhura Maskasky, co-founder and vice president of product at Platform9 Systems Inc, talked about the trends she sees emerging from this year’s KubeCon. Now that Kubernetes is more widely adopted—an estimated 5.6 million developers use it—the challenges have shifted from learning the tech to managing it at scale.

“At-scale governance, at-scale manageability, and cost control at scale are going to be top of mind. Now that Kubernetes is part of your day-to-day, I think starting this year, it’s going to be at the next level.

“Gone are the times of just running your Prometheus at an individual cluster level. Now you need a solution that operates at this massive scale across different distributions and your edge locations.”

Because of this emerging trend, a variety of organizations are either struggling with or succeeding at scalability. And they’re sharing their knowledge with you, so you can apply their lessons and tools to win, too. Here are some sessions to check out.

Session 1: Multicluster Kubernetes Management Made Easy With Open Cluster Management

Now that Kubernetes is taking off, it’s time to learn how to manage a multi-cluster environment. There’s just one question: How? Join Red Hat to learn about the Open Cluster Management project and how it can help you orchestrate your multi-cluster container infrastructure.

When: Thursday, October 27 from 11:00–11:35 a.m. | Session description & location

Session 2: Orchestrating Interconnected Apps Across Geographically Distributed Kubernetes Clusters

If you’ve ever tried to deploy workloads across a fleet of geographically distributed K8s clusters, you know it’s not easy. From figuring out where each workload should run to delivering the configs to the right cluster, the problems seem endless.

But Kubernetes-based automation can help you solve them. This session shows you the way.

When: Thursday, October 27 from 3:25–4:00 p.m. | Session description & location

Session 3: How Adobe Planned For Scale With Argo CD, Cluster API, And VCluster

With a huge development team and over 120,000 namespaces, Adobe has its hands full. So they decided to use Argo to help them manage their applications at scale. How did they do it and what was the process they took to get there?

This session will break it all down, including benchmarks, security, access, demonstrations, and more.

When: Friday, October 28 from 11–11:35 a.m. | Session description & location

kubecon na sessions not to miss

Sponsor: Red Hat

Red Hat has a whole host of tools to help you deploy and manage your Kubernetes environment. From simplified Kubernetes operations via managed service offerings like ROSA and ARO to easy management of thousands of clusters with Advanced Cluster Management (ACM), you’ll find everything you need to support and grow your infrastructure.

Make your way to booth P14 to see how they can solve your deployment and management challenges.

Sponsor: Trilio

We’ll be at KubeCon NA all week long with some exciting new features to make protection, migration, and recoverability at scale a cinch. Like Continuous Restore, a groundbreaking feature that continuously backs up your data, taking recovery and portability to seconds and minutes, not days and hours.

Want to run blue/green deployment tests with real data? Quickly spin up multiple environments for test/dev purposes to speed up your CI/CD pipeline. Migrate from on-prem to the public cloud with no data loss? Continuous Restore can help you do all of that.

With additional integrations for fleet management with Red Hat ACM, data protection and management at scale have never been easier.

So stop by Booth P20 to chat with one of our K8s data protection experts. Or schedule a meeting in advance for your chance to win an iPhone 14.

What Cloud-Native Challenges Can KubeCon NA Help You Solve?

If you have cloud-native challenges that need solving, KubeCon NA is the place to be. Make sure you take advantage of all it has to offer, whether that’s educational sessions, incredible networking, or tools that make automation and scalability easier.

And don’t forget to swing by Booth P20 to say hi to team Trilio, grab a slice of Detroit-style pizza, and learn more about how we can protect, migrate, and mobilize your Kubernetes apps.

See you in Detroit!