CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising OpenStack Solutions Providers

CIOReview’s 20 Most Promising OpenStack Solutions Providers

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CIOReview Magazine recently published a list of the 20 Most Promising OpenStack Solution Providers. And yes, Trilio was featured as one of the 20 most promising OpenStack solution providers. The industry is on the cusp of widespread adoption of and reliance on OpenStack solutions. As the managing editor, Jeevan George, wrote in his letter from the editor for the issue, “The odds are heavily tilted in favor of OpenStack—deciphering the true merits of its design and the challenges it solves determine its true potential in the cloud landscape.”

Those organizations researching OpenStack solution providers should spend time reading this issue of CIOReview. Here’s a quick look at the other 19 promising OpenStack solution vendors included in the list.

  • Akanda contributes open-source network orchestration solutions built by OpenStack operators for OpenStack clouds
  • AMAX provides a comprehensive cloud environment with streamlined usability and massive scalability, based on the latest innovations for OpenStack
  • Bright Computing provides comprehensive software solutions for provisioning and managing OpenStack private clouds.
  • Cloudwatt is a public cloud offering an Infrastructure-as-a-Service based on OpenStack.
  • CPLANE Networks extends OpenStack networks to multiple data centers and public clouds like Amazon Web Services.
  • Elastx offers Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and consultancy services within areas of cloud automation and operation.
  • Morpheus Data has a next-gen software appliance for cloud application management, delivering app provisioning, elastic scaling, logging, and monitoring, utilizing any underlying infrastructure.
  • Nuage Networks provides scalable and highly programmable SDN solutions within the security and availability required by business-critical environments.
  • PLUMgrid’s Open Networking Suite (ONS) helps enterprises and service providers to operationalize and secure their OpenStack clouds’ virtual networks and SDN deployments at an unprecedented scale.
  • ProphetStor Data Services provides federated storage solutions through ProphetStor Federator SDS that integrates seamlessly with OpenStack.
  • Storage Made Easy provides an Enterprise File Share and Sync Data Fabric that works with existing private and cloud data stores and which is optimized for OpenStack Swift.
  • Siaras has developed Cloudscape, a carrier-class hybrid cloud management platform for cloud operators enabling them to offer seamless, open hybrid cloud services to their enterprise customers.
  • SolidFire combines OpenStack block storage deployments with all-flash performance and Quality of Service controls necessary to guarantee performance to the most demanding workloads.
  • StratoGen is a leading cloud hosting provider offering public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions on OpenStack.
  • Stratoscale converges computing, storage, and networking into resource pools available across the rack or data center, making it compatible with OpenStack.
  • Ultimum Technologies is a provider of Ultimum Cloud Platform that provides a complete IaaS solution and includes enhancements such as complex monitoring, reporting, billing, and a customizable graphical user interface.
  • UnitedStack is the first cloud computing service provider based on OpenStack in the China market. It offers a highly reliable OpenStack-based platform OUS, providing the same area nodes of the public cloud and managed private cloud.
  • Tesora is the top contributor to the OpenStack Trove project where database as a service is given.

Congratulations to our fellow vendors included in the 20 Most Promising OpenStack Solutions Provider list!