White Paper: Technology-Driven VMware to OpenStack Migration A Comprehensive Guide

Trilio for Kubernetes with Huawei OceanStor Storage

Trilio is Exclusively Certified for Huawei Storage

Trilio and Huawei’s combined solution provides all the benefits of Trilio for Kubernetes with the
performance, value and security of Huawei OceanStor storage. 

More information about Huawei OceanStor Dorado storage

Trilio provides Multi-Cluster, Policy Driven Protection for OpenShift

Protect your Huawei backed clusters to the edge with Trilio, ACM and Ansible

Watch the video to see the powerful combination of Trilio with Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management and Ansible

Trilio Enhances Red Hat OpenShift

Easy Install Operator

Simple Operator Hub Installation and management


Trilio runs as pods, without the need for sidecars or modification to your applications


Backup & restore Operators, helm, label deployments, operators, and VMs using UI or native OpenShift CLI tool


Linear scale with zero degradation and policy driven scale with Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management

Native Integration with OpenShift Console

Trilio extends your OpenShift Console experience with a Backups tab, allowing direct backup and recovery without leaving OpenShift


Snapshot capture of stateless and stateful applications, PVCs, including VMs

Configurable Recovery

Select components of your application deployments to recover on any Kubernetes cluster

Huawei OceanStor Dorado with Trilio

Trilio is the exclusive certified Kubernetes partner for backup and recovery using Huawei OceanStor Dorado storage. With Trilio and Huawei, users can deploy any distribution of Kubernetes, including OpenShift, Tanzu and Rancher, and provide ransomware recovery on Huawei’s award winning scale-out storage platform.


Key Benefits
  • Reliable: Certified for Huawei’s Award Winning Storage
  • Performance & Value: Protect and store Cloud Native workloads in any OceanStor Dorado environment
  • Secure: 99.9% Ransomware Detection Accuracy
  • Scale Economically: 56% Space Saving, 1.09 W/TB Power Consumption 
  • Flexible: Airgap, Production, Backup and Archive

Huawei and Trilio for Economical, Modern, Scalable Kubernetes Protection

Huawei, in partnership with Trilio, provides an unmatched solution for reliable, cost-effective, protection and recovery of your Kubernetes environment using Huawei’s economical and efficient storage. Easily and seamlessly scale and break down the walls of siloed environments by allowing applications and data to move between them. The Trilio Intelligent Recovery platform is specifically designed to provide a consistent experience across private, public, and hybrid clouds. Trilio can protect and intelligently recover thousands of applications spanning multiple clouds, clusters and containers while capturing and restoring variations of network and storage configurations. IT Managers, Cloud Architects and DevOps Engineers leverage Trilio for backup and recovery, migrations, disaster recovery, ransomware protection and application mobility.