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IBM Cloud Backup: TrilioVault for Kubernetes Certified for IBM Cloud

TrilioVault for Kubernetes Achieves IBM Certification

TVK’s IBM Cloud Backup Now Available in the IBM Cloud Marketplace

TrilioVault for Kubernetes (TVK) recently achieved certification for IBM Cloud and is now available in the IBM Cloud Catalog for deployment to either Red Hat OpenShift or IBM Kubernetes Service. TrilioVault for Kubernetes capitalizes on the opportunities available in hybrid, public and multi-cloud environments , providing control and flexibility for cloud deployments.

Why TrilioVault for Kubernetes?

TVK is more than your standard cloud-native backup and recovery platform. It’s application-centric, which enables you to back up and restore data, metadata and all Kubernetes objects related to an application. TVK also employs specific and granular backup methods, which enable you to back up based on namespace, labels, operators and Helm charts.

TVK is not just native to the cloud, but also to Kubernetes. As such, TVK is packaged as an OpenShift Operator and deployed as a Custom Resource Definition. Furthermore, TVK is compatible with cloud providers from private clouds to public clouds including AWS, GCP and IBM and multiple types of storage — CSI, NFS, S3.

What’s New in This Collaboration?

The new certification provides a number of benefits designed to help make it faster and easier to deploy and manage Trilio from IBM Cloud. Here are a few of the highlights.

TVK with IBM Cloud is designed for ease with the availability of automated installation, upgrades and lifecycle management in the IBM Cloud Marketplace. TVK is now supported for IBM Kubernetes Engine and Red Hat OpenShift in addition to IBM Cloud Satellite, an expansion of IBM hybrid cloud services availability in any environment — on any cloud, on-prem or at the edge.  

Trilio can also  provide application-consistent backups for databases and container-based objects within IBM Cloud using hooks. Furthermore, IBM Cloud Object Storage is now supported as a backup target.

With these new capabilities, Trilio’s certification on IBM Cloud brings exciting new options to Trilio and IBM Cloud customers.

How Do I Get Started?

Deploying TVK on a Red Hat OpenShift cluster or IBM Kubernetes Engine in the IBM Cloud and from the IBM catalog is a simple three-step process.

  1. Search for Trilio in the IBM catalog
  2. Select the target IBM Kubernetes Service or Red Hat OpenShift
  3. Select your cluster in IBM Cloud – and deploy

There are more detailed instructions available on the Trilio documentation webpage.

Using TVK with IBM Cloud is now easier than ever. And that’s the point of these certifications – simplifying the process of bringing two technologies together to improve your Kubernetes experience and keep your data safe.