Trilio Integrates with Cohesity, Providing Joint Customers with Native Backup Capabilities for OpenStack and Red Hat Virtualization

Trilio has officially announced its new integration with Cohesity, a data management platform that simplifies backup, empowers customers to extract more value from their data and solves the critical challenge of mass data fragmentation. This integration enables Trilio to back up OpenStack-powered private cloud infrastructure to Cohesity.

By integrating with Trilio, Cohesity is able to provide native backup and recovery to Trilio’s forward-thinking customers who are deploying open-source virtualized infrastructure.

Trilio’s agentless, software-only solution provides tenant-level self-service and recovery of cloud and application workloads. Organizations using Trilio have complete control to back up their clouds in a way that’s easily recoverable, requires little-to-no central IT administration, and reduces total cost of ownership.

“With Trilio, we are able to support native data protection for OpenStack virtualization,” says Terry Ramos, vice president, business development, Cohesity. “We’re excited to work with the team at Trilio to provide best-in-class OpenStack backup and recovery capabilities to our joint customers. This extends the wide array of workloads that Cohesity is able to support today.”

Trilio has conducted extensive integration testing with Cohesity and feels confident that the joint capabilities address the needs of joint customers who are focused not only on backing up their OpenStack applications and data but making that data more productive. Trilio delivers:

  • Complete workload capture of data and metadata (including applications, OS, network configurations, storage volumes, security groups & users, VMs, and more)
  • Non-disruptive, incremental-forever backup of cloud workloads and RHV hosts
  • One-click restore of complete workloads or selected VMs
  • Integrated, self-service management, including role-based access control and lifecycle management

“This new relationship simplifies backup and recovery operations for customers already using Cohesity,” said David Safaii, CEO at Trilio. “By enabling Trilio customers to store workload data and metadata on the Cohesity DataPlatform, we’re making it even easier for customers to leverage existing storage and backup solutions as they adopt open source infrastructure platforms.”

To learn more about Trilio, view our datasheet.

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