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Trilio Introduces Core-to-Edge Cloud-Native Solution Supporting SUSE Rancher

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Trilio is pleased to showcase its new Core-to-Edge cloud-native solution with SUSE Rancher at this year’s SUSECON Digital 2021 conference.

More and more organizations are looking to turn their data into actionable insights to create new and improved customer experiences and services.  The Trilio Core-to-Edge solution highlights the growing need for improved IT capabilities and operations at the edge where millions of IoT devices collect valuable data.

SUSE Rancher with TrilioVault for Kubernetes (TVK) is a cloud-native solution designed for the scale, performance and mobility requirements of the modern IT landscape.

“To improve IT operations at the edge, enterprises need to consider data protection as an essential component – especially as you move from development to production,” said Rachel Cassidy, SVP, Global Cloud & Channels, SUSE.  “People make mistakes, disasters happen and malicious actors disrupt.  Implementing effective resiliency and data mobility in today’s multi-cloud IT landscapes with innovative cloud-native platforms like SUSE Rancher and TrilioVault is critical to support an agile business.”

SUSE Rancher with TVK simplifies backup & recovery, DR, and mobility across your Kubernetes environment.  The companies are collaborating on joint solutions to further simplify deployment and management of cloud-native applications to improve availability for edge clouds and help customers better curate their data for competitive advantage.

Highlights of the Core-to-Edge solution include:

  • Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE) cluster at the core with a standard master and worker node configuration
  • SUSE K3s clusters at the edge running an NGINX application
    • TVK policy-based scheduled protection applied to the NGINX application backing up to AWS S3
  • TrilioVault for Kubernetes consolidates Points-in-Time of the NGINX application from multiple K3 clusters into the core RKE cluster providing resiliency and centralization of data
  • TVK Management Console — centralized management with automatic discovery of all K8s clusters and cloud-native applications across multi-cloud infrastructure while managing protection, migration and mobility operations.

Interview with Michael Miller, President of Strategy, Alliances & Marketing for Open Source Software Pioneer, SUSE

SUSE Rancher with TrilioVault supports any CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution, on-premises, in the cloud and at the edge, and is storage agnostic, supporting any container storage interface (CSI) as well as NFS and S3 support for backup repositories.

Trilio and SUSE: Core-to-Edge cloud-native solution

About Trilio and SUSE Rancher Partnership:

TrilioVault for Kubernetes (TVK) has achieved SUSE Rancher Ready status and is now available in the Rancher Apps and Marketplace, making deployment and backup operations easier than ever.  SUSE Rancher enables organizations to deploy and manage Kubernetes at scale on any infrastructure from cloud to the data center to edge.