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Sovereign Clouds and Data/Application Mobility (Live) by Accenture, Red Hat and Trilio at the Red Hat Summit in Boston

Image that represents Sovereign Clouds and Data/Application Mobility by Accenture, Red Hat, and Trilio at the Red Hat Summit in Boston. It talks about designing efficient cloud exit strategies. It includes the logo of Accenture, RedHat, and Trilio.

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The Red Hat Summit in Boston is always an exciting conference and I have the honor of being on stage representing Trilio, with Jan Myklebust, Senior Solution Architect from Red Hat, and Usman Mir, Associate Manager and Tech Lead at Accenture. We will present how Accenture, Red Hat, and Trilio address the data migration problem for clients looking to migrate from, or between, clouds where data sovereignty is a critical compliance requirement. These clouds are known as Sovereign Clouds, which are a big deal and take an approach that provides customers with control over the location, access to, and processing of their data in a Cloud environment, in response to compliance in specific countries or industry sectors.

The challenges that Accenture and Red Hat face are centered on providing the flexibility that the cloud demands to their customers, whilst ensuring control and governance when applications and data are required to run securely and safely, but various factors dictate these applications are now migrated to alternative clouds.

The Red Hat Summit talk on Wednesday 24th May, at 10.30 am, Designing efficient cloud exit strategies for customers to comply with Sovereign Cloud regulations, will see Usman and Jan joined by Kevin Jackson to enhance their existing solution with Trilio, showing how Trilio fits into the landscape governed by Red Hat Advanced Cluster Manager and Ansible Automation Platform, to safely and securely migrate a government application from one cloud running OpenShift to an on-premises OpenShift environment.

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