TrilioVault Now Certified for Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13

Trilio is proud to announce that Red Hat has officially certified TrilioVault to run on Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13.  Red Hat maintains an ecosystem of partners who provide products and services that are tested, supported, and certified to perform on Red Hat technologies.  Within the ecosystem of Red Hat OpenStack Platform partners, you can build your cloud infrastructure with trusted providers.  Trilio collaborated with Red Hat to certify on the platform, so you can deploy with confidence knowing that the solution is enterprise-ready and fully supported.

With Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13, Red Hat continues to bring together community-powered innovation with the stability, support, and services needed for production deployment. Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13 is a long-life release with up to three years of standard support and an additional, optional two years of extended life-cycle support (ELS). This release includes many features to help you adopt cloud technologies more easily and support digital transformation initiatives.

TrilioVault is the backup and recovery solution of choice for customers that strive to meet service level agreements and compliance requirements as they deploy critical workloads on Red Hat Open Stack Platform 13. TrilioVault is a software-only solution that is specifically designed for Red Hat OpenStack Platform and adheres to the core principles of cloud: multi-tenancy, self-service, and scalability.

Learn more about protecting your RHOSP 13 workloads with TrilioVault

With TrilioVault, the only cloud-native data protection solution for Red Hat OpenStack Platform, you can:

  • Capture incremental changed blocks of your entire workloads
  • Recover your whole environment or individual VMs to a point-in-time with one click
  • Provide tenants with self-service management to restore individual items, VMs, or workloads on demand

Trilio’s strong partnership with Red Hat helps your company realize the business benefits of your cloud strategy. Together, we give our customers and system integrators the confidence of working with a certified solution that will ensure their success.  With a production-ready private cloud, you can accelerate application and service delivery, innovate faster to differentiate your business, and empower IT teams to support digital initiatives.

Learn more about the TrilioVault’s Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13 certification and the Red Hat ecosystem of partners:
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