Analyst: Protecting Your Kubernetes Ecosystem with Cloud-Native Trilio for Kubernetes

ESG Lab Review TrilioVault for Openstack Clouds


Protecting Your Kubernetes Ecosystem with Cloud-Native Data Protection

Typically, organizations take two approaches for Kubernetes data protection – and both have flaws. 

Custom scripting can achieve backup and recovery but it requires a lot of maintenance. Traditional data protection solutions focus on their own proprietary tools and storage. 

In this independent report, ESG Labs, reveals the three essential components that are missing from typical cloud-native data approaches: 

  1. An open, universal backup schema
  2. Capture of application data and metadata
  3. Infinite scalability 

ESG Labs explains: “Backing up and restoring data and applications in hybrid cloud environments is a business-critical requirement right now.” They confirmed that Trilio for Kubernetes is best equipped to do the job.

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  1. […] In an independent study, ESG Lab Review analyzed Trilio’s cloud-native data protection solution, TrilioVault for Kubernetes (TVK), examining the deployment process and management functionality. This included an evaluation of TrilioVault’s Red Hat OpenShit integration and TrilioVault for Kubernetes Management Console. […]

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