On-Demand Webinar: Workload Resiliency in a Cloud-Native World with AWS, SUSE, Trilio and IDC

Today’s IT environment is cloud-native, focusing on containerized applications in Kubernetes clusters, running at the core, in the cloud, and at the edge.  Ensuring business continuity and ensuring governance and compliance in this application-centric world requires new approaches to managing and protecting data.  SUSE, Trilio, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have come together to empower organizations with the tools and capabilities they need to successfully deploy, manage, and protect their cloud-native applications.

Hear from Archana Venkatraman, as she discusses:

  • The state of the Kubernetes market and its explosive growth
  • Benefits and challenges of deploying containerized applications
  • Importance of a cloud-native data protection solution that delivers immutable backups for Amazon S3 and Glacier
  • Leverage point-in-time backup & restore of entire, cloud-native applications.

Featured technologies:

  • SUSE Rancher – a leading platform for multi-cluster, Kubernetes management.
  • TrilioVault for Kubernetes – a holistic, cloud-native data protection and management technology.
  • AWS S3 – a scalable, highly-available, secure storage service.


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