We Want You: Join These Cloud Native Companies Helping with COVID-19 Response

By David Safaii and Peter McKay, CEO of Snyk.

The implications of the COVID-19 pandemic have created a great deal of uncertainty for everyone. Budgets, priorities, and operating policies are shifting dramatically, day by day, as the magnitude of this unprecedented event unfolds.

This anxiety is felt most acutely by organizations that have been directly impacted by the pandemic, whether through business model disruption or by a sudden reallocation of resources because they’re on the front lines of mounting our response. Unlike others, these organizations are operating in an environment where they’re being asked to make dramatic shifts in scale and functionality. Delivery systems that a few weeks ago were tuned to deliver one set of use cases are now being pressed to deliver unplanned services at unplanned levels of scale.

We all need these organizations to be able to deliver their services reliably. And many of those organizations, in response, need access to the software that we in the cloud native ecosystem build and deploy on a daily basis. For many of these organizations, procurement processes are stalled and budgets are uncertain. At the same time, infrastructure operators and developers are doing their best to deliver the services that customers depend on while sheltering in place.

Many of the services used for distance learning, eCommerce, collaboration and at-home work rely on microservices and cloud native architectures. The companies providing those essential services need the help of the cloud native community. So, in response, a growing list of companies offering software to industries that depend on cloud native architectures have announced programs by which organizations responding to the COVID-19 pandemic can access needed software at no cost.

The details differ slightly from one company to the next (our companies Snyk and Trilio for instance, will focus our efforts on healthcare, entertainment, hospitality and travel), but the common thread is cloud native software companies are coming together to eliminate license fees and streamline acquisition and deployment processes to get technology to the front lines.

Offering our software and our expertise at no charge for a period of time is something we can all do to help the people who are helping us all deal with this pandemic. We’ve started a list of cloud native software vendors offering free licensing to affected industries during the pandemic response period.

If your company has such a program and you’d like to be listed, please add your information to this Google Doc.

All of us in the cloud native community should be doing what we can. We’re calling on everyone in our community to remove roadblocks and get useful software into the hands of those building critical support services faster; help accelerate these services and support those hardest hit by this pandemic by adding your free software and services to this list. Thank you.














*Content originally posted on The New Stack.