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TrilioVault for the Hybrid Cloud

For years, companies have faced the difficult choice of managing their data storage, backup, and recovery programs either on premises or through exclusively cloud-based solutions. Both options have both technological and economic strengths and challenges. But companies today no longer have to make that choice. They can leverage both options, together in tandem.

The hybrid cloud gives CIOs/CTOs the ability to take a balanced approach, placing higher priority backups on premise, with the remaining datasets to reside in a public or private entity- and reaping the benefits that come from both approaches. Or, now feasibly execute on a disaster recovery plan that allows for copies of a tenant’s environment to be sent off premise in a low cost and easily retrievable manner. Join Trilio Data for a sneak peek demo of their new OpenStack hybrid cloud offering, currently in beta, and learn how your business can take advantage of the hybrid cloud!


See TrilioVault in Action