TrilioVault for Kubernetes is Now Generally Available

Cloud-native data protection built from the ground up to meet the specific needs of Kubernetes environments

Executive Summary

Kubernetes-based applications are surging. Legacy backup solutions cannot address these environments, and the resulting data management and protection challenge is becoming more and more unmanageable every day as container adoption grows.

TrilioVault for Kubernetes is a cloud-native solution that solves all these challenges in this new world. Here’s just a small sample of the exciting features:

  • Cloud- and Kubernetes-native application
  • Deployed as an operator
  • Differentiated ability to backup Helm/Operator/Label based applications
  • NFS/S3 target support in a non-proprietary format
  • Ecosystem integration with Kubernetes tools like Prometheus and Grafana
  • Certified by Red Hat and IBM
  • Simple to evaluate, try and purchase

The Move to Containers is ON

Containers lightweight portable management orchestration flexible simple

The move to containers is changing IT infrastructure and operations in dramatic ways–and for the better.

It provides faster time-to-market for products and services, even while keeping costs down.

Really, it’s ideal for innovation.

And What a FAST Move It Is

The immense advantages have brought the market for container applications to a 31.8% CAGR, with a projected market size of $8-9B by 2025!

(Allied Market Research)

Containerization leads to ever-increasing volumes of data, and to ensure business continuity, it must be protected

Experience TrilioVault for Kubernetes today via our Online Lab

Traditional Methods for Backup Just Won’t Cut It in These Dynamic Environments

In order to protect your data as container use increases, the ENTIRE application [including all networks, security groups, metadata, data and any other objects] should be backed-up right there within the environment.

That’s why we created TrilioVault for Kubernetes (TVK). It’s purpose-built for these dynamic environments; it offers exactly what’s needed.


  • It’s cloud- and Kubernetes-native
    TVK is an operator in Kubernetes, architected for microservices
  • It includes upstream Helm and OLM operators for OpenShift
    Both are provided to be able to suit your needs out of the box
  • It supports application tools
    Operator, Helm and custom applications maintain their unique tooling when restored
  • It’s cloud and storage agnostic
    Migrate or restore to any K8s cluster in public or private clouds; CSI interacts with data volumes for clean code and smooth Kubernetes operations
  • It offers multi-target support
    Choose where backups are stored with NFS and S3 compatibility
  • It uses non-proprietary backup format
    QCOW2 avoids vendor lock-in and enables workflows
  • It’s seamlessly integrated into the Kubernetes ecosystem
    TVK integrates with the kube-api server for overall operations as well as Promethius and Grafana monitoring dashboards
  • It’s got your back with RBAC
    RBAC is available for all operations executed via CRDs
  • It’s easy to try on for size
    Easily use the product and check out use cases in our Online Lab, without even having to download or install
  • It has a license option for everyone
    Free – 30 days, unlimited nodes
    Basic – 10 nodes free, unlimited time
    Enterprise – Custom nodes/time with enterprise-level support
  • It’s seriously certified
    TrilioVault is the first data protection solution to achieve Red Hat and IBM technical validation, including the Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certification

Ready to Know More?

Watch Demo

GitBook Documentation

Online Lab

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What’s Next?

The future is extremely exciting for TVK! We’ll continue to innovate and simplify operations for the Kubernetes world:

  • Apropos the principles of Kubernetes, Trilio will turn releases out quickly, providing cutting edge features as soon as they’re developed and tested through powerful and well orchestrated CI/CD pipelines
  • With an interactive user interface, TVK will focus on optimization for certain cloud environments and backup scopes


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