EVEO extends Portfolio, Delivers Fast Cloud Services with Trilio

FRAMINGHAM, Mass. – October 17, 2019 — EVEO Enterprise Cloud, a trusted resource for innovative cloud solutions throughout Brazil, announced today a new strategic alliance with Trilio, the leading native backup and recovery solution for OpenStack and Red Hat Virtualization (RHV). Trilio’s agentless, software-only solution provides tenant-level self-service and recovery of cloud and application workloads. Organizations using Trilio have complete control to back up their clouds in a way that’s easily recoverable, requires little-to-no IT administration, and reduces total cost of ownership.

“By adding a prestigious Brazilian Cloud Service Provider as a partner to our network, we’re excited to broaden our reach in South America as a whole. After meeting with the EVEO team, it is clear that they work hard on behalf of their customers to create and deliver innovative, reliable, next generation cloud environments. Natively integrating Trilio into EVEO’s Cloud offering allows EVEO to extend a premium data protection and recovery solution to tenants and customers,” said Trilio’s CEO, David Safaii. “The enthusiasm we’ve already seen from local customers highlight the increased interest in open source technologies throughout South America. Brazil is on the front lines of this movement, with EVEO leading the charge. By joining EVEO’s portfolio, we will empower EVEO’s customers to confidently embrace a Cloud approach that leverages the power of open source technology with a reliable and native backup and recovery solution in place. We are excited for this great partnership with EVEO.” 

Based in Sao Paulo, EVEO supports small and mid-size companies and enterprises move from traditional environments to more cost effective, flexible Cloud technologies. This new partnership with Trilio will allow EVEO to deliver the only OpenStack and RHV native data backup and recovery solution to their users across Brazil. Customers will benefit from the ability to scale cloud computing while maximizing data security, performance, predictability and control.

“We do extensive research to provide our customers with the most innovative technology that will anticipate their future needs on their open source journey. By adding Trilio to our portfolio, we’re able to expand our offering to clients and ease the transition to open source technologies,” said EVEO’s CTO and co-founder, Lucas Vanzin. “By collaborating with a pillar company like Trilio, we’re able to confidently incorporate their reliable backup and recovery solution into these large environments, that provide peace of mind to these executives who have experienced stressful backup and recovery processes in the past.”

About Trilio

Trilio is a leader in data protection for OpenStack and RHV environments, and the only provider of OpenStack-native backup and recovery solutions. Since 2013, Trilio has been on a mission to give tenants more control over their ever-changing, growing, complex, and scalable cloud-based applications and architectures. Today, Trilio is trusted by businesses all around the world to protect their clouds in a way that’s easily recoverable, and requires little-to-no central IT administration.

About EVEO

EVEO is the leading OpenStack based, enterprise class, Cloud Service Provider in South America. Founded in 1998 named PointNET, it was established since the beginning of the Internet. The company changed its portfolio many times, following the industry evolution. The name changed to EVEO in 2014, to better represent the enterprise services offered. Today, energy companies, telecommunications, supermarkets, logistics, hospitals and many other business trusts their most valuable information at EVEO’s Cloud. Learn more visiting www.eveo.com.br and follow us on Twitter @eveo.

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