Trilio Launches Trilio for Kubernetes v2.0 with New Management Console to Manage Data Protection and Migration Across Clouds

Trilio Launches Trilio for Kubernetes v2.0 with New Management Console to Manage Data Protection and Migration Across Clouds

Latest Release Offers Innovations in Multi-Cloud Management, Backup and Restore Capabilities and Certified Rancher Support for Kubernetes Applications

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.—November 16, 2020—KUBECON + CLOUDNATIVECON North America Virtual—Trilio, a leading provider of data protection for cloud-native environments, today announced Trilio for Kubernetes v2.0, including a new management console to discover, control and manage data protection for Kubernetes applications across hybrid- and multi-cloud environments. As part of the latest Trilio for Kubernetes release, Trilio also announced enhanced enterprise-grade Kubernetes backup and restore capabilities, including comprehensive application support, certification of new distributions and multi-cloud enablement use cases.


New Trilio Management Console for Multi-Cloud Data Protection

The Trilio Management Console allows users to easily discover their Kubernetes applications and apply the appropriate data protection policies while managing and monitoring their backup and restore plans across hybrid- and multi-cloud environments. The Trilio Management Console offers:

  • Discovery of Kubernetes applications, clusters and namespaces
  • Intuitive management of backup and restore plans in real-time in multiple clouds
  • Simple workflows for managing application consistent backups and reconfiguring restore data
  • Ability to migrate application data and metadata to other clouds offering application agility
  • Monitoring of overall health and performance metrics and application summary


“The cloud and cloud-native applications are presenting new data management challenges around scale, performance and mobility that legacy backup products simply cannot support,” said Murali Balcha, founder and CTO, Trilio. “Our customers and partners asked us for more feature-rich and intuitive management of their Kubernetes data protection as they move into production across any hybrid- or multi-cloud with any Kubernetes-based distribution. Today, we’ve delivered a host of capabilities that takes the Trilio data protection platform to new levels, and we’ll continue our rapid pace of innovation.”


Additional Trilio for Kubernetes Enhancements

Trilio released the following enterprise-grade backup and restore features to meet the unique needs of Kubernetes applications:

  • Namespace Backup
    Ability for customers to protect and migrate all applications and data within a namespace. This is particularly useful to users that have been maintaining a 1:1 mapping between applications and namespaces.
  • Distribution Support
    Trilio has certified Rancher Server with Rancher Kubernetes Engine (RKE). Trilio for Kubernetes works with any certified Kubernetes distribution. For additional levels of end-user assurance, Trilio also formally tests and validates Kubernetes distributions for demanding enterprise environments. Trilio for Kubernetes has now certified Amazon EKS, Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Rancher Server with RKE, Red Hat OpenShift and upstream Kubernetes.
  • Database Support
    Users can take application consistent backups by running operations against their database before and after backups or restore operations. Trilio has certified the following databases: Cassandra, Mongo and MySQL.
  • Enhanced Multi-Cloud Migration
    For improved management during migration scenarios, all backup targets can be easily searched and viewed to find the right backup to restore. No connection to the source cluster is required. Restore plans and transforms are now available for selective restores or to adjust the application behavior at a granular level before the application is restored into the same or a new cloud.
  • Enhanced Kubernetes Application Support
    Trilio for Kubernetes now supports Helm sub-charts. Trilio is the only platform that supports all Kubernetes applications—Labels, Helm and Operators—offering investment protection as your environment evolves.

Trilio for Kubernetes targets the fast-growing segment of enterprises deploying applications on containers managed by Kubernetes. For these applications, traditional data protection technologies are ineffective, as they do not capture the critical and ever-changing application and infrastructure metadata required for making usable backups.

Providing enterprise-grade data protection, the application-centric approach used by Trilio for Kubernetes offers backup and recovery of the entire application—including data, metadata and any other Kubernetes objects associated with the application—so it is protected and able to be restored from any point in time. Trilio for Kubernetes supports applications provisioned via Operators, Helm or Labels. Additionally, the platform is cloud agnostic, offering customers the agility to move with the application across public and private cloud infrastructure.

Shortly after announcing general availability of v1.0, Trilio was named a Leader and Outperformer in a new report by GigaOm titled “GigaOm Radar for Kubernetes Data Protection.”

Trilio for Kubernetes is also Red Hat OpenShift Operator Certified and available at, Red Hat Marketplace and with IBM’s Cloud Paks.


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