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Rodolfo Casás

Senior Solutions Architect

I am Rodolfo Casás, a Solution Architect based in Madrid, and I work at Trilio. My expertise lies in cloud-native computing, hybrid cloud strategies, telco, and data protection.

My journey in the tech world began with Solaris in 1998 and GNU/Linux in 2001, which included SLES. It was during this time that I developed a deep-seated passion for Open Source software.

My primary areas of focus encompass cloud computing, data protection, automation, and systems performance tuning. In the past, I served as a Technology Instructor, where I had the privilege of imparting knowledge in various classes covering topics like GNU/Linux, OpenStack, Ansible, and Kubernetes.

I actively participate in the Open Source and Kubernetes community, and you can often find me engaged in thought leadership discussions and events.