Madhur Nawandar

Director of Engineering

With over 13 years of hands-on experience, I have played a pivotal role in crafting enterprise-grade and SaaS products from the ground up. My expertise spans the realms of cloud computing, containers, virtualization, data analytics, storage, and systems architecture.

Throughout my career, I’ve donned various leadership hats, serving as an Engineering Manager, Architect, Team Lead, and Technical Lead. This journey has afforded me a deep understanding of team dynamics and how to steer teams of different sizes towards common goals.

I’m a fervent advocate of development best practices, championing build automation, test automation, code standards, rigorous code reviews, and thorough documentation. These practices have been instrumental in ensuring the success of multiple projects under my purview.

In addition to technical prowess, I possess a profound understanding of agile methodologies, user experience design, data analytics, effective communication, and product strategy. This holistic perspective enables me to not only drive technical excellence but also align projects with overarching business objectives.

At heart, I’m a developer. I’ve delved into the intricacies of various programming languages, including Python, Django, Java, Go, and Perl, crafting production-grade code that underpins the success of numerous initiatives.

My educational background includes a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology, providing me with a solid foundation that complements my extensive practical experience.