Protect, Detect, Recover: The Three-Pronged Guide to Tackling Ransomware | Trilio

By Trilio Content Team | September 19, 2022

The digital transformation era hasn’t just been embraced by corporations but by cybercriminals as well. With more employees working remotely, more mobile devices being used for work activity, and more data being stored than ever before, company infrastructures are increasingly vulnerable to ransomware attacks. Data shows that these attacks have grown in number and cost since the beginning of the pandemic; the cost of an average individual ransomware attack has increased 171% to over $312,000.

What can organizations do? While it may be unrealistic to prevent every attack before it happens, it is possible to reduce vulnerabilities by implementing a thorough protection protocol for your data that utilizes the best in automated backup technology. Layered on top of this should be a detection strategy that can identify an attack quickly and neutralize it before real damage is done. Finally, a reliable recovery system will ensure that any penetrated data storage is safely and efficiently restored.

Companies don’t need to tackle this alone. In this second installment of Trilio’s series, “Proactive Protection: Building Resiliency Into Your Cloud-Native Data Strategy,” a panel of data security experts will break down the threat of ransomware and illuminate how to face it head-on.

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